benefits of quitting smoking

You will see the big banners or advertisements proclaiming all the hazards of cigarettes, but none of those will work if you cannot make up your mind on giving it up. The fact that smoking is detrimental to health is known to many, but very few people can gather the strength to quit this bad habit. Smoking does nothing to your health but quitting it can bring tremendous benefits to your health and lifestyle. The intake of that deadly smoke brings with itself a long list of diseases.

The whole discussion about quitting smoking can be summed up in a few scientific facts. Intake of nicotine stimulates the glands to release a hormone called adrenalin. Adrenalin, in turn, leads to the secretion of dopamine from the brain. Dopamine is a hormone that breeds the feelings of pleasure and euphoria. The repeated exposure to cigarettes creates a tolerance to the body. The body feels that it needs more cigarettes to get that same high that it earlier got with fewer cigarettes. Thus, a vicious cycle gets created in the body and mind of a smoker which makes him feel that he will need that daily puff of smoke and that too several times in a day.

You do not want to go down into premature aging or end up in the hospital before time. So, give up on the deadly habit as early as possible. The following are the ten advantages of quitting smoking that will make you leave the habit if you still have not done it.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

1. The Ease of Breathing:

benefits of quitting smokingThe medical experts have said that quitting smoking lets a person breathe more easily than ever before. According to doctors, the lung capacity of anyone improves by more than ten percent within nine months of giving up smoking. As a result, people can breathe with greater ease, and they cough much less than ever before. The thing about diminished lung capacity is that it is not noticeable when a person is in the early 20s or 30s. But the effects start showing as the age progresses. You will feel difficulty in breathing after you have taken a long run or have climbed a flight of stairs.

The maximum lung capacity is what gives a person an active life. You would not want to start wheezing and panting after just going up a few steps of the way.  Healthy old age stays closely connected with improved functions of lungs. You can look into the lifestyle of any weightlifters, swimmers or other such athletes, and you will notice that the one thing that they all have in common is that they are all non-smokers.

2. More Energetic Lifestyle

The blood circulation of a smoker improves manifold within around two to twelve weeks of quitting smoking. All the major physical activities like running and walking become much easier than before when you are away from the hazards of smoking. The immune system is boosted and thus fighting off seasonal allergies, and things like flu and cold become much easier for the body. Smoking gnaws at the immune system of the body and gradually deteriorates it over time. The feelings of fatigue and tiredness also get reduced by the increase of oxygen in the blood.

Many smokers have the complaint of repeated headaches. They do not realize that this is part and parcel of continued habits of smoking. Give up smoking if you want to get rid of the nagging headaches. If you are someone who suffers from the issue of migraines, then smoking is just going to make your severe headaches worst from worse.

3. Less Feeling of Stress and Anxiety

The withdrawal from smoke can lead to a heightening of the feelings of stress. The thing about nicotine withdrawal stress is that it is difficult to separate this feeling from the normal feelings of stress. The lungs of a smoker are heavily under pressure, and that might lead to situations of hyperventilation when one suddenly quits smoking after doing it for a long time. This might lead to the feeling that quitting smoking is compounding the effects of stress but that is not the case.

Scientific studies have shown that stress level of a person is much lower than before after they quit smoking. The thing is what smoking does to you, is making you feel more anxious. The one, who is in the habit of smoking more than ten or such cigarettes in a day, start to feel lack of steadiness in their hands. This goes away when you keep away from smoking for even a few weeks.

4. Improvement of Fertility by Quitting Smoking

benefits of quitting smokingNon-smokers have far fewer problems in conceiving than smokers. Stopping smoking improves the health of the lining of the womb. The sperm count gets increased and becomes more potent. The hazards of smoking also include difficulty in conceiving through IVF and a higher probability of miscarriage. Also, the modern techniques like embryo plantation fail to work on women who are long-term smokers. The chances of giving birth to a healthy baby are far more in non-smokers than smokers. There is a decrease in follicle count and damage to the DNA in the follicle in the smokers.

Nicotine leads to contraction or spasms of the fallopian tubes of a woman. When the walls of fallopian tube start to stick together, even temporarily, the embryo fails to pass through and get implanted in the uterus which gets needed for conceiving. Thus, the smokers have delayed pregnancy than the women who do not smoke. So, quitting smoking is imperative if you are planning to have a problem-free pregnancy.

5. Protection of Your Loved Ones from the Harmful Smoke

By quitting smoking, you will be protecting the health of your family and friends. The risks of passive smoking include heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke. For the children, there are double the risks as it can lead to ear infections, chest illnesses, pneumonia, and asthma. Research has seen that passive smoking sometimes has more ill-effects than that of active smoking. Studies suggest that children who live with non-smokers have a lesser chance of having lung cancer compared to the children of smokers. So, giving up smoking is not only necessary for your health but the good health of your near and dear ones as well. You will not want your family to suffer for your addictions and pleasure of smoking.

6. Whiter Teeth and Fresher Breath

One of the most visible issues that smokers have is regarding oral care. There is blackening or yellowing of teeth, and there are cases where people lose their teeth due to decaying. Smoking causes serious stains on your teeth, and by quitting smoking, you will get whiter teeth within a few weeks. You might not get back the teeth that you have lost, but it is never too late to prevent the teeth from deteriorating any further.

The smokers do not even realize how much they and their mouth reek of cigarettes. It is only when a person gives up the habit when he realizes this constant smell coming from other smokers in his vicinity. You will also have healthier teeth and gums within a month of giving up on that regular puff. There will be no longer issues of bad breath after one gives up cigarettes.

7. Saving Up On Money

The thing is what smoking does to you is waste away a lot of your money. Just make a monthly calculation, and you will see that the amount of money that you used to spend every time on cigarettes is quite humongous. The surveys have suggested that an average person spends around $200 every month on cigarettes. Imagine how well you could have spent the money. This money can get spent on healthy food, clothing, and other necessities. You can just stash away this money and make a separate account for this money. In fact, you can even use that money and give yourself and your family a little healthy treat for staying away from such a bad and all-encompassing habit.

You save nothing less than $2400 every year, and that is quite a handsome amount of money. Combine that with the health benefits that you get and quitting smoking is the most win-win situation for you.

8. Stop Smoking to Live Longer

benefits of quitting smokingSmoking is the leading cause of many preventable and unpreventable diseases. Quite some long-term smokers meet their death due to the smoking-related diseases like lung cancer, heart diseases, and chronic bronchitis. Medical research has suggested that men, who quit smoking as early as in their thirties, add ten years to their lifespan. The ones, who take as long as sixty years to stop smoking still have the chance of adding three years to their lifespan.

In simple words, it is never really late to reap the benefits of quitting smoking. Staying away from smoking not only adds several years to the life but also the chances of living a disease free life get increased manifold. You will go ahead to have a more mobile and happy old age when you quit smoking as early as possible.

9. Get Young, Glowing Skin with Brighter Eyes

Facial aging which is brought about by the appearance of wrinkles can get slowed down by stopping smoking. The skin of a long-term smoker appears dull and lifeless because the body gets to absorb fewer amounts of nutrients like oxygen and vitamins. Stopping smoking reverses the shallowness and fine lines that the smokers are known to have often. Your skin will feel smooth and fresher than before when giving up on cigarettes. Some factors work to give the glowing complexion that people get after quitting.

Better blood flow, more oxygen, and more nutrient absorption are some of the causes behind the improvement of skin. If you have quit smoking after doing it for a long time, you can expect to garner sudden compliments from friends and family about how clear and fresh your skin is looking.

Smokers end up with reddish and tired looking eyes. The cause behind this is the irritants that the eyes get exposed to regularly on accounts of smoking. Smoking, in general, stops the body’s ability to regulate the parts. The eyes are exceptionally sensitive parts of the body and get affected the fastest by the harmful fumes of cigarettes.

10. Blood Sugar and Estrogen Levels

If you suffer from the issues of diabetes, quitting smoking will keep the blood sugar levels in check. Belly fat is another problem that can worsen if you suffer from diabetes. The bulging belly will get controlled when you give up on cigarettes. Normal estrogen levels are imperative to the healthy lifestyle of a woman. The normal levels of the hormone will return after quitting. Estrogen has bearings on the pregnancy and regular cycle of menstruation. So, leaving smoking is essential for any woman and man and more so if you have chronic diabetes.

The advantages are plenty, but the fact of the matter is that quitting smoking is easier said than done. You might not give it all together in one day and those who try to do it in a day end up smoking more than what they did earlier. Quitting is a slow and gradual process, and it takes a lot of mental strength and dedication to any person. If you feel that you are not able to do it all by yourself, you can take help from your doctor. There are several products available in the market too that can aid in the process of quitting smoking. Talk to your family and friends as their support goes a long way in motivating you to quit the habit of smoking.