15 Tips for Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking Tips

Are you looking for ways to quit smoking? To live a healthy life and to take care of others around you, it is important to give up smoking. Everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking and the associated health risks, but it is still not easy to give up the habit. Whether one is an occasional teen smoker or a regular smoker, the addiction is difficult to get rid of.

Nicotine in tobacco is responsible for the addiction. It helps to relieve stress, boosts one’s outlook towards life and also helps to unwind. What you need to do is learn how to cope with smoking withdrawal symptoms or nicotine withdrawal symptoms. This can be accomplished with nicotine replacement therapy. You have to change your mindset and your behavior and find ways to boost the mood. If you plan out things, it will be easy to break this addiction and join the millions who have successfully given up tobacco.

Make Your Stop Smoking Plan

Quitting SmokingMany quit smoking easily after preparing their ‘quit smoking tailored plan.’ This plan takes into account both long term and short term challenges associated with giving up tobacco. The smoking plan should be prepared as per your smoking habits and the overall health. For this, you need to ask yourself certain questions:

What kind of smoker are you? Are you a hard smoker or just an occasional smoker? The answer to this will help in determining the treatment which will work.

Do you have cravings for tobacco after meals?

Do you want a cigarette only when you are stressed out? It may be that smoking is your habit, or you need it when you are stressed.

On the basis of the answers to the above questions, you may choose not to smoke for 14 days or one month.

Identify the Reason Why It Is Hard to Quit

There are various risks of smoking, but still, you find it difficult to quit the habit. Ask yourself why it is hard to stop smoking. It is true that smoking is both a physical addiction and a psychological habit. Nicotine in tobacco boosts your mood, but it is only temporary. If you do not take the needed dose of nicotine, your body experiences cravings for tobacco and withdrawal symptoms. Many of us resort to smoking just to release the ‘feel good’ hormone and get rid of anxiety, stress, and depression. If you are avoiding tobacco, you need to find healthier ways to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

Prepare a quit smoking timeline and address the regular habits and your addiction together to stop smoking. Some people have the habit of smoking when sipping in morning cup of coffee or reading the newspaper. Change your habits and routine to quit smoking. Anyone can stop smoking if there is a quit plan in place.

What Are Your Smoking Triggers?

To quit smoking, you have to identify the smoking triggers. You may think of activities that increase the trigger in you. There may be certain activities, situations or feelings when you want to smoke. Maintain a journal of the smoking trigger and keep a record of the following:

When did you last smoke?

What time was it?

What was the situation? How often you smoke in such situations?

What were the feelings in that situation?

How did you feel after smoking?

Do Unpleasant Thoughts Shroud You?

If you can exercise control over your thoughts, you can quit smoking. Most of us smoke in order to manage stress, anxiety and depression and other unpleasant feelings. So, if you had a bad day at your workplace, in the evening you may feel that cigarette is your best friend. You may say that cigarette is comforting and acts as your best companion but it is not healthy. And you can adopt healthy practices to keep away unpleasant thoughts. You may resort to relaxing techniques, yoga, meditation, exercising or listening to music. An important part of giving up smoking is finding alternate ways to managing unpleasant thoughts and feelings. You have to say to yourself that a cigarette is not the part of your life anymore. There can be hundreds of ways to deal with unpleasant thoughts and feelings.

Avoid Common Triggers

Quitting SmokingIf you can avoid common triggers of smoking, you can quit smoking. There are those who smoke when they drink alcohol. You may take a glass of soft drink instead of alcoholic drink and move to a place where smoking is prohibited. Try and eat nuts and chew candies in between. Use straw to suck the drink. Secondly, stay away from friends and family members who smoke. It is impossible to give up smoking if you sit beside someone who is smoking. If you are a working professional, make non-smokers your friends. Associate with them during the break and talk interesting things. Get help from your colleagues, friends and even your employer. When you finish up the meal and feel the urge to smoke, try eating fruits and berries. A slice of pastry, chocolate cake or chocolates may keep the trigger away.

Write down The Reasons for Quitting the Habit

There are various diseases caused by smoking and the foremost one is lung disease. Take a card or a piece of paper and write down the reasons why you should give up smoking. Note down the names of diseases that may be caused due to smoking. Along with this, write down the names of family members whom you want to take care forever. If you get the cravings, read the card or page.

Manage Your Cravings

If you are a regular smoker, it will be natural for you to get the cravings. When you avoid smoking triggers, you may reduce the urge but only partly. The craving for cigarette is difficult to avoid completely. It is great to learn that your cravings for smoking will last only for 10 minutes. If you feel that you need to use the lighter, just think that the craving will subside in 10 minutes. Do the following to manage the cravings:

During that 10 minutes time, you may do certain things to distract your mind. Take a shower or watch your favorite TV show. You may even call a friend and chit-chat.

Think about the benefits of quitting smoking along with the hazards of smoking. If you have solid reasons for giving up this addiction, just reflect on them. Motivate yourself that you can do it. Some of the benefits of quitting this habit are improved physical appearance, improved self-esteem and the money you save.

Move out of the zone where you normally smoke. Go to a place which can help you avoid the trigger.

Reward yourself if you can avoid cigarette for a particular period of time.

By being busy, drinking water, visiting the spa you may quit smoking.

The Use of Medication

There are various therapeutic procedures to help people give up a cigarette. A combination of treatment methods can help you a lot. There are smoking cessation medicines that can help you avoid the cravings and triggers. They may also ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You may use them as the part of your stop smoking treatment program. Get in touch with a doctor who is expert in helping people to quit smoking. You may ask your options and discuss out the medicines to use. FDA approves the following options:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy where the cigarette or tobacco is replaced with several nicotine substitutes. You may be asked to use the nicotine patch, nicotine spray, gum or candies. It will help in relieving withdrawal symptoms. So, what you get is a mild dose of nicotine free of tar and poisonous gases. The nicotine substitutes do not harm your body in any way. It will break the chain of psychological addiction that you are having.

Just like nicotine medications, there are non-nicotine therapies and medicines available. Non-nicotine medicines help to avoid cravings for tobacco and eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Some medicines help you to avoid cravings for tobacco, and also they help in managing withdrawal symptoms.

Quitting SmokingE-Cigarettes Offer a Lot of Benefits

If you are too much addicted to smoking, you can use an e-cigarette. It is devoid of poisonous gases and tar. Thus, using e-cigarette is obviously less dangerous than smoking a conventional cigarette. Many have kicked off the addiction permanently by using the e-cigarette.

The Use of Alternative Therapies

Medication may be used with alternative therapies to help you quit smoking. You may do various things to stop smoking that does not involve prescription medication or use of the e-cigarette, vaping or nicotine replacement therapy. The following are some of the alternative therapies that can help to quit smoking:

If you are struggling to quit smoking, then hypnosis is for you. The popular option has shown amazing results in the past. Hypnotists can adopt hypnosis technique to lure your mind towards believing that smoking is bad for health. It can lead to death. You will be entering a trance-like state whereby the one practicing hypnosis will relax your mind and make you believe that smoking is bad and there are ways to give it up.

  • Acupuncture is another trick to smoking cessation. Here the acupuncturist triggers the release of natural pain relievers or endorphins to relax your mind and body. Acupuncture can help to manage smoking withdrawal symptoms.
  • Behavioral therapy can substitute habitual behaviors involved in smoking with that of healthy habits. So, after lunch, you may want to take a walk rather than smoking.
  • To quit smoking, motivational therapy can help.

Reflect On the Difficult Things You Did In the Past

Habitual smokers find it very hard to quit smoking. If you are finding it hard to quit the habit, just reflect on the impossible tasks you have accomplished in the past. Think of the challenges you have overcome in the past. If needed, take help from family and ask them to remind you of the same. What matters here is self-confidence. The more confident you are, easier it will be to quit smoking.

Carry Healthy Foods with You

Carry healthy foods like nuts and salads with you. Whenever you have cravings for tobacco, chew some nuts. Try and eat cashews, almonds, walnuts, candies, lollypops instead of a smoking cigarette. Eat 4-5 nuts for every cigarette you wish to consume. Avoid candies and chocolates if you fear weight gain.

Regular Intake of Herbal TeaQuitting Smoking

Brew your tea and enjoy the sips of green tea to feel relaxed. The relaxation you get by sipping in the cup of tea is almost the same as that of smoking a cigarette. Those who are addicted to smoking, they can also find great help chewing cinnamon-flavored toothpicks.

Do What You Like

If you have a hobby, do engross yourself in it when the craving hits you. You may play challenging computer games to avoid the trigger. If the company asks you not to play games, you may take a stroll outside, talk to a friend on some interesting topic or eat your favorite snack. Attending phone calls, taking a stroll can help a lot.

The Need for a Smoke-Free Zone

You may tell others that you are trying to quit smoking and so they should not smoke in front of you. Create a smoke-free zone and stay in that. If people around you do not smoke at all, you will find it easy to quit smoking. You may hang ‘no smoking’ signs around your home and car. Prepare banners to create awareness about the hazards of smoking.

By following the above 15 quit smoking tips, you may give up smoking. They are easy to follow and practice. Taking help from others around you can help a lot. If you are determined ‘I want to quit smoking,’ nothing can stop you. The task is challenging but not impossible.