using e-cigarettes

An electronic cigarette is an electronic handheld device which gives the same feeling or impression of smoking tobacco. Using an e-cigarette is also termed as vaping as the cigarette tends to vaporize e-liquid. The e-liquid used in cigarette constitutes propylene glycol, nicotine, flavorings and also glycerin. The ones who are heavy smokers, they can switch to e-cigarettes to benefit their health. In fact, for any smoker, switching to an e-cigarette is really beneficial. The one using the cigarette gets nicotine content but there are no dangers associated with it. When you are using an e-cigarette, others around you will not inhale the vapors. So, there is no chance of second-hand smoking. When cigarette smoking can release more than 7000 chemicals to the bloodstream, an electronic cigarette reduces it to a handful. The benefits of using e-cigarette stretch far beyond social, physical and environmental benefits.

E-cigarettes to quit cigarette smoking

using e-cigarettesE-cigarettes are being used almost everywhere in the present times. The ones who are looking to give up cigarette smoking or tobacco in a risk-free manner can use electronic cigarettes. As per the research, almost 90% of the smokers want to quit this deadly addiction. With e-cigarette, you can continue with the addiction without harming your health. But, you must never think that they are risk free. Although they are less dangerous for health, they are not risk-free. The following might be the consequence of consuming e-cigarettes:

  • Damage to lungs, brain and other vital organs
  • Development of cancerous tumor
  • Stillbirths or premature delivery

It can have a harmful effect on the brain and lungs.

E-cigarettes have nicotine

No matter how safe the e-cigarettes are, they have nicotine. This is addictive and causes a lot many health issues. If you continue to use e-cigarettes, you will still stay addicted to nicotine. Any addiction to e-cigarettes can propel you to use other products based on nicotine. They are alcohol, drugs, etc. The alternative to traditional cigarettes is preferred, but you cannot say that you completely quitted cigarette smoking if you continue to use e-cigarettes.

There are various social benefits of e-cigarettes

When it comes to the benefits of using e-cigarettes, there are various social benefits. The following are some of them:

  • After using an e-cigarette, you will not stink. There is no smell associated with electronic cigarettes. There may be faint smell only in the cartridge or else no smell. So, as a result, there is no bad breath, smelly upholstery or surrounding.
  • No combustion with electronic cigarettes. There is no need to use an ashtray for a cigarette. There will be no mess as you need not dispose of the ash.
  • They do not create smoke to harm others. So, using electronic cigarettes is permissible in most public places.
  • No chance of any fire accident.

They are not used only by those looking to give up smoking

Looking to quit smoking? Do not think that e-cigarettes are only used by the ones willing to give up smoking. The choice is more popular among the young people who have never used cigarettes. It is unfortunate to learn that most of the times the use of conventional cigarettes starts only after one uses e-cigs. Then, most smokers use e-cigs along with traditional cigarettes. They use e-cig in regions where tobacco smoking is not allowed.

Nicotine content severely impacts the brain development

using e-cigarettesIf you are young, you are more likely to get brain disease from nicotine consumption. Young people mostly use vaping devices and e-cigs. Trying nicotine at an early age can increase the risk of nicotine addiction. Slowly and steadily youngsters get this addiction only after they start with e-cigs. Addictive substances can cause harm to the brain. The fully developed human brain is more likely to suffer from bad effects of addictive substances.  Not only can it impair cognitive functioning but also it can disrupt healthy development of human brain.

FDA does not approve E-cig

You may be wondering whether or not e-cig is completely safe for usage. Know one thing that FDA hasn’t approved it. It is not an established tobacco quitting aid or smoke cessation aid. Projecting a risk-free image of e-cig is just the way to market it. Manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarettes come up with enticing flavors like candies just to attract the young crowd. Children and adolescents are equally attracted towards it.

Who invented the modern e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes create vapor or aerosol. Well, the composition of aerosol varies. The toxic components or chemicals present in conventional tobacco products is absent in case of e-cigarette. You may now think who invented e-cigarette and when was it. The modern e-cig was invented in the year 2003 by Hon Lik, the Chinese Pharmacist.

Primary reasons for using electronic cigarettes

E-cigs are the first choice among those who are addicted to smoking. There are various reasons for using e-cigs. Some of them are quitting smoking, saving money, reducing the risks associated with smoking usual tobacco and environmental benefits. But, it is unfortunate to learn that youngsters start using it for fun. When used for the recreational purpose, they get addicted to nicotine. However, FDA sets standards for ingredients used in e-cigarettes, the e-liquids, vaporizers or the use of the child-safety liquid container. Within a short period, the awareness to use e-cigarette increased exponentially. Users of e-cigs report the following reasons for using it:

  • Use for the recreational purpose
  • helps to quit smoking
  • They think that vaping is a healthy option and much better than smoking
  • They want to circumvent tobacco-free laws
  • And they are not smelly
  • In some jurisdictions, e-cigs are inexpensive

E-cig must never be used during pregnancy.

Using e-cigarettes can benefit your health overall

No matter what the nicotine content of c-cigarette, the e-cig can benefit your health. The following are some of them:

  • Say ‘Goodbye’ to persistent coughing that is so common among the chain smokers. Switch to vaping if you want to stop persistent coughing. Phlegm will no more attack your throat every morning. The toxins present in e-cig can damage the throat completely, and this may be avoided if you use an electronic cigarette. As there is no toxic compound in e-cig, it won’t harm your throat.
  • You will have an improved sense of taste with the e-cigs. Using traditional cigarettes can diminish the sense of taste, and this may be restored when you use an electronic cigarette. It is found out that using cigarettes can flatten the taste buds or reduce its sensitivity. So, just start vaping and stop smoking now. Even the blood circulation in the body improves with the use of e-cigarettes. Food is tasty for those who go for vaping.
  • Breathe easily and uninterruptedly as there are not much toxins or carcinogens to give your lungs tough times. Hydrogen cyanide is dangerous for the lungs and may cause swelling of the organ. As there are no toxins and hydrogen cyanide in an electronic cigarette, you will not have any problem.
  • As there is lack of carbon monoxide in e-cig, the blood circulation takes place properly. It does not steal oxygen from the blood. So, when there is no carbon monoxide, oxygen binds well to the hemoglobin and reaches the vital organs of the body
  • The one using an e-cig need not worry about others around him/her. The ones in close vicinity will not be harmed in any way. As there is no smoke involved here, there is no second-hand smoking.

E-cigarettes are cheaper

When compared to conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are cheaper. Savings are pretty evident here since you just need to avail e-liquid. The nicotine content of an electronic cigarette is nothing. If you compare the rates, you may get 15 cigarettes per cartridge. Starter kits may just be availed at $50. Even the cost of insurance won’t be much if you use electronic cigarettes. Since smoking is the cause of deadly ailments and preventable deaths, the cost of insurance might go very high. But, if you are using an electronic cigarette, the cost of insurance will not be too much.

E-cigarettes are still safer

If you are a heavy smoker, looking to quit nicotine addiction, you may use e-cigarettes. They are still a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. The ones who have failed to cut back on smoking, they will find great help. This is one such cessation method which can improve your health, and if you are determined, you can even quit smoking. In fact, the electronic cigarettes, the various vaping devices are still a safer alternative to using conventional cigarettes. But, if you are not addicted to tobacco or have never smoked in your life, do not use an electronic cigarette. It can induce nicotine addiction.

E-cigarettes are available in enticing flavors

using e-cigarettesAs already stated, to entice the young crowd, brands manufacture e-cigarettes in enticing flavors. First developed in China and then introduced in the United States, e-cigs are available in various flavors like bubble gum, watermelon, Java, candies, and others. They may be availed in attractive colors as well. Around 4.5 million Americans make use of e-cigarettes. Well, the sales are about to cross 1 billion.

The functioning of e-cigarettes

You may be wondering what e-cigarette is and how does it function. E-cigarettes are battery-operated electronic nicotine inhalers consisting of the lithium battery. When using an electronic cigarette, the LED lights up at the end. This happens when you inhale nicotine. It stimulates the burning of a tobacco cigarette. Here the cartomizer bears e-liquid containing nicotine and propylene glycol. If you have a closer look at the device, you will find that it is just like mini cigarette machine. Till there is e-liquid in the device, you can continue to puff vapors.

The average cost of e-cigarette

If you want to avail e-cigarette, you must first learn about the cost. The starter kit might cost you around $30-$100. The replacement cartridge can cost you nearly $500-$600. If you compare it to the cost of using conventional cigarettes, the entire year supply will cost much more than $1500. This is the cost of using just one pack of cigarette per day for the year. Heavy discounts are available for electronic cigarettes. This is just an initiative by the government to encourage the use of electronic cigarettes.

Can it help to quit smoking?

The main question arising now is how far e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking. It is a fact that e-cigarettes can transform harmful tobacco habits and make it less hazardous to health. When compared to nicotine patches or other smoke cessation aids, the e-cigarette helps to quit smoking within 6 months time. We can say that the device is not a magic bullet, but they are helpful. But, FDA still forbids the marketers from touting e-cigarettes as smoking cessation devices. Vaping among youngsters is on the rise. This is all because it negates the chance of any deadly disease.

The impact of e-cigarettes on teens

The teenage years are essential for brain development. The ones who use e-cigarettes from adolescence, they are likely to suffer long-lasting effects. Nicotine can severely affect the brain and its functioning. Do not forget that e-cigarettes have nicotine. Other risks are also associated. They are mood swings and mood disorders, problems in impulse control and failure to combat tobacco urge. While the electronic cigarette may lower your cravings for nicotine, but if you are trying to quit smoking completely, an electronic cigarette may not help you much. Use smoke cessation aids as directed by FDA.

E-cigarettes are popular among people of all ages. It is believed that e-cigarettes are harmless, but this is not so. You have to use it as per the FDA guidance. There are so many benefits of using e-cigarettes. It is a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. If you are resolved to quit tobacco, start using e-cigarettes and then give up gradually.