best e cig starter kit

Best E Cig Starter Kit

With so many brands in the market and most products having similar sounding features, it is natural for a first-time buyer of e-cigarettes to get confused. The common mistake that most people end up making is that in a bid to buy the best e cig starter kit, they end up buying a costly kit. Only later they realize that they could have got a more effective one at much less price. To prevent this unnecessary loss of cash, a beginner needs to have specific guidelines which will help them to analyze the options that they have. The guidelines that have enumerated under pertain not only to the dos and don’ts, but also give information about the suitability of different e-cig kits on offer.

The Components of an E-Cig Kit

An e-cig might look too complicated to you, but in reality, it is just a simple device whose basic work is converting liquid to vapor. The entire body of the product is called the atomizer. The atomizer comes in three basic types, namely, cartomizer, glassomizer, and clearomizer. Each product has a battery and mod, apart from having the tank and coils.

best e cig starter kitAtomizer:A simple atomizer is one of the original designs, and the cartomizer, Clearomizers are later day additions. The capacity of original atomizers is fairly small. All basic atomizers have a heating coil at the bottom with a metal mesh put on top of the coil. The metal mesh gets replaced by the silica wick in some cases.

Cartomizer:Cartomizers are an improvement on the atomizers. They have polyfill around the heating coil which soaks up the e-juice and allows vaping for a long duration. Some of these have a large cylindrical tank which holds a better capacity of e-juice

Clearomizer:These are the newest kids on the block and are quite popular already. They have a polycarbonate plastic or pyrex tank. You get to see the level of liquid left inside. There is silica wick inside to deliver the liquid to the coil.

Glassomizer:Glassomizer are just like clearomizer, but these are more durable and long lasting in nature. The price is a bit on the higher side when compared to the Clearomizers.

The battery is either integrated into the device or is replaceable by nature. The mod is where the battery stays and powers the entire device. The coils are the wires that have got wound up to make the coil shape. The tank is the part that holds the e-juice, heating coil, and the wicks.

The Size of the E-Cig Kit

The size of the kit is one of the first things to consider for any buyer. There are two common sizes of best e cig starter kit available in the market: micro-cig and tank. The micro-cig, as the name suggests is smaller and more compact than a tank. If you are a beginner in the world of vaporizers, then micro-cig can be a good option for you. Micro-cigs do not have too many settings that you need to fidget with which makes it convenient for a beginner. The tanks have loads of details to take care of, like its cartridges and settings. It can be tedious to handle, and you must only get on to the tanks when you have moved on from the stage of knowing how to use an e-cig for the first time.

The Intensity of Usage

You will obviously want to know how long you can go on smoking with a certain starter kit. This is a specification that you need to check before you make the purchase. Any standard battery gives you at least 200-250 puffs. The ones that come with high capacity batteries give more than 300-400 puffs. The one that you should buy depends on the intensity of vaping that you will be having. The vendors might give you a higher figure of vaping but do not get misled by their words and check the actual figures yourself. You can get a better deal by going for the standard battery ones if you are not someone who vapes a lot.

The Place of Usage

The place where you will be using the e-cig is as important as knowing how to use e-cigarette properly. The place determines whether you can rest easy with a simple USB charger or need a high capacity battery. If you are someone who is constantly on the road, then the high capacity one would be the right kit for you. Also, some people love to vape outdoors rather than indoors. The high capacity batteries work for them too. The USB charger ones are best for the people who vape indoors and have the source of power near at hand. However, you can always carry the USB charger with you and charge it using your laptop or power bank. The USB charger ones will save you some bucks.

The Types of Tanks

best e cig starter kitThe best e cig starter kit will come with different types of tanks, but the functions are mostly same for all of those. The tanks hold the e-cig juice which gets fed to the coil by cotton or wick. The coil heats up the liquid and releases the vapor that gets inhaled by you. For the newbies to vaping world, a tank is all about the volume that it has. Currently, the trend is towards the use of glass sub-ohm tanks. They are convenient to use and last longer than the other variants. Besides, the glass sub-ohm vape tanks are easier to replace if they break down, once you have learned how to use an e-cig vaporizer.

Replacing the Coil of the Device

The coil is the other important component of the e-cig apart from the tank. There are as many variations of the coil as there are of the tank. No matter what coils you prefer to use, it will wear down with time, and you need to replace them when the need arises. There are several ways of replacing a coil after it has served its period.  The experienced vapers like to use re-buildable coils which they make on their own. However, if you are new to vaping, it is better not to attempt to start making a coil.

Just buy a new coil and replace the old one by removing the base of the atomizer. The coils are mainly either made of ceramic or stainless steel. The time to change the coil is when you will feel that the taste and the amount of the vapor are not what it should be.

The Types of Kits Available in the market

There are not one but many types of kits available in the market. All the kits can get categorized into three categories: the ones for the beginners, the high-end kits, and the couple kits. The necessities are present in all the kits, and the advanced ones just have more add-ons to it. Here is a brief rundown of each type of kits you can buy.

The basic kit:The basic kits, as the name tells you, are perfect for the beginners. These come with clear instructions which make using them easy for anyone. The people who want to replace just some parts of their old kit also go for the basic standalone kits. These are inexpensive, so if you are just starting the transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, this is the one for your pocket. The components depend on which kit you are opting for, but three things are common in all basic kits: a cigarette battery, a Clearomizers, and a USB charger.

The high-end vaping kit:This one will have an extra set of batteries, clearomizers, coils, and so on. The clearomizer can turn out more sophisticated, for instance, a dual coiled clearomizer. These kits also have batteries with variable wattage and high power capacity. So many extra features naturally increase the price of the kit.

The couple’s kit:As you can well understand from the name, this is the kit for two people, with all the components being two in number. If you have a partner with you in making the transition from cigarettes to vapes, then this is the kit for you. Many people opt for this kit to have an extra set of components near at hand.

The Varieties of E-Cigarettes You Get in the Kit

There are four varieties of e-cigarettes available at present. So, when you check the components of your kit, you can expect that to have any one of these four e-cigs described below.

Cigalikebest e cig starter kit

Cigalike is the oldest variant you can get. This is the electronic cigarette that looks like a real cigarette. The look is attractive, but the functionality is the problem with this one. The vapor produced is too less, and you will not have any battery autonomy. The refills that you will need for this, you will only get with the particular brand. Thus, the choice is limited, but the price is high. If you have picked up vaping as a method of smoking cessation, then this will just not do the work for you.

Tube Mod

The word ‘mod’ here stands for modified, as you can call this a modified electronic cigarette. It is larger than cigalike and has a cylindrical shape of the body. The battery capacity in these is high enough to last a day. The tube mods have settings that let you control the quantity of vapor. The atomizer can get changed according to your needs. The tube mods give you a high option of personalizing the product.

Box Mod

The box mod is similar to the tube mod with the major difference being in its shape. While the tube mods are cylindrical, the box mods are square or rectangular. Most of the modern box mods have the option of using removable batteries. The box mods give you more of ergonomic holds on the product which prevents it from slipping out of your hands.


Pods are a lot similar to cigalike, and it is best to call them an improved version of cigalike. It gives better nicotine diffusion and vapor output than cigalike. The USB key format makes it easy to carry around in your pockets. However, the battery capacity is not satisfactory, and they require frequent charging. Many pod manufacturers, partner with e-liquid companies, to assimilate branded stuff in the cartridges. But that is not much of a plus as you will still need to buy supported refills with the original device.

Cleaning All the Components of a Kit

Regular cleaning is imperative to a prolonged service when it comes to the e-cigarettes. You will need three things to clean the products: a paper towel, few Q-tips, and isopropyl alcohol. It is best if you can get your hands on ninety-nine percent isopropyl alcohol. Begin by taking apart the entire setup of the thing, including the atomizer head, dripping tip, glass from the tank, and finally tank from the battery. The first thing to do is clean the tank which you can do by cleaning it with boiling water first and then wiping with isopropyl alcohol. Move on to the mod, and you will need the paper towel and isopropyl alcohol to wipe the exterior. The Q-tip is for the minute unreachable places like the connector pin. Once you have allowed the isopropyl alcohol to evaporate completely, re-assemble the setup.

E-cigs are great options if you are thinking of moving away from smoking. An e-cigarette will never produce the toxic gases and tar that you find in the cigarette smoke. The fact that you are getting the smoke minus some of the significant side-effects is the primary factor behind the high demand of e-cigs. Now, this handy guide will make buying one even easier for you.