Types of Smokers

Smokers have their reasons for smoking. Some do it for enjoyment and pleasure, while others smoke for weight management, stress relief or out of peer pressure. No matter why you smoke, you should quit this habit soon. Smoking is a disease addictive in nature. It is a shocking revelation that women smoke more than men to stay slim and trim. Their motivation to inhale the fumes of a cigarette is very much tied to the body image. In one study, it was found that women feel an urge to smoke after trying out a bathing suit. However, smoking to lose weight is extremely foolish. There are healthier ways to lose weight than smoking. In this section, we will learn about the types of smokers. As there are various risks of smoking, one must give up the addiction.

Types of Smokers

Social Smoker Who Smokes Only Occasionally

Types of SmokersA social smoker is not addicted to nicotine. He/she manages to smoke when they drink in the parties. Although they do not smoke regularly, once they are in the bar, they can finish up any number of cigarette packets. You may hang out with social smokers during daytime and find them not smoking at all. They use their cigarette packet only when there is an occasion.

The Heavy and Chain Smokers

Smoking causes cancer. The ones who are chain smokers, they are at risk of developing lung cancer. The deadly disease can develop in lungs, pancreas and there may be breathing problems. Chain smokers are heavy smokers who light up their cigarette when the previous one is still going on. They are such smokers who are not bothered how many cigarettes they smoke in a day. You cannot even guess how much cigarettes in a day they may light up. It may be 20 or 30 or even 40 cigarettes. They can finish up the whole packet of cigarette in an hour’s time.

I Do Not Smoke!

You will find some people who have a craving for nicotine, but they will manage to pretend they do not smoke. They are not the jokers to smoke in front of everyone. But, still, they will not stop you from smoking or give lectures on lung cancer.

Smokers Who Are Judges

Some smokers smoke but will judge you each time you light up a cigarette. They will keep telling you that each cigarette takes away 5 minutes of your life.

The American Ass Smoker

They are the smokers who would either smoke Marlboro Reds or American spirits. Indeed, if they give up country music and smoking altogether, they will become different individuals. In fact, their whole brand is built around smoking.

The Cautionary Tale

When you put on the TV, you will see ads creating awareness on hazards of smoking. There will be people to tell you all throughout the commercial or TV-ad not to smoke. They will caution you and even help you to stop smoking before it is too late. This is the only benefit they offer.

An Average Smoker

As the name suggests, an average smoker is the one who smokes 5-6 cigarettes daily. They normally use cigarettes of good brands or cigarettes with bland packaging. An average smoker is the one who may stay without smoking for days and do not complain at all. We can say that such smokers are not addicted to nicotine. They will keep saying the same thing that they may quit smoking easily and at any time.

The Rehabilitated Smokers

They are the ones who have left smoking at some point in time. Such smokers were heavy smokers who live only to speak about their past, and how they used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day. Although they are not smokers, they are cigaholic for the whole life. They do their best to avoid cigarettes and know that cigarettes are bad. However, they still have the temptation for cigarettes. They miss cigarettes and feel if they could be the part of the smoking crew.

Smokers and Drinkers Alike

Some smokers smoke only when they drink. In fact, they sip in their favorite beer and smoke simultaneously.

The Cigarette Stealer

The kind of smoker never purchases his cigarettes, but still manages to have 5-6 cigarettes in the pocket. They will come home after a late night party with a pocket full of cigarettes.

Occasional SmokerTypes of Smokers

An occasional smoker is not an addict at all. He/she may smoke at times when journeying somewhere or during an enjoyable trip.

Smokes In Front Of the Parents

There are a few daring smokers who can smoke in front of their parents. They are being labeled as ‘total badass.’

The Smoker Who Smokes Secretly

There are a few deceptive lots who would show that they do not smoke at all. But, they will smoke when no one is around. They are addicts who need a few cigarettes when alone. In short, they are secret smokers.

The Eccentric Ones

You will find a few smokers who will move to the corner with the workman having a pipe.

The Straight Up and Decent Stoner

They are the ones who have tasted nicotine once or twice in their lives, but now they ask others not to smoke. These guys never mess up with cigarettes or tobaccos. When you ask them to smoke, they will reply dubiously, ‘Smoke what?”.

The Rebel Smokers

The rebel smokers wish to mimic Marlboro Man and tend to project ‘freedom’ and ‘individualism.’ They may have picked up the habit when they were teens. You already know that teenage is linked to rebelliousness and smoking.

Why Quit Smoking?

No matter what category of smoker you are, it is compulsory to give up the addiction. Cigarette smoking for years is equivalent to riding a motorbike in full speed for hours. So, there is every chance of injury or even death. Burning a cigarette is equivalent to burning your life. With every cigarette, you are robbing 5-10 minutes of your life.

Smoking withdrawal symptoms can be intolerable if you are a heavy smoker. If you want to know how to quit smoking, you may get in touch with a medical practitioner to help you out.