top 10 e-liquid brands

Top 10 e-liquid Brands

Call it e-liquid, e-juice or vape juice, leading brands of e-liquid sell the best tasting flavors. You may now wonder what e-liquid is. It is the mixture used commonly in electronic cigarettes where the chief ingredient is glycerin, propylene glycol, some flavorings, and nicotine. The e-liquid generates aerosol once the temperature reaches 100-250 degree Celsius. The user just inhales an aerosol rather than the smoke of a cigarette. This aerosol offers the same feel and flavor just like tobacco smoking. This liquid constitutes 95% of glycerin and propylene glycol, and they indeed produce the vapor. There are artificial flavorings to enhance the taste and aroma. But, the flavoring might be natural or artificial. The choice depends on the user. In this section, you will find the list of top selling e-liquids. Among the top 10 e-liquid brands, you can choose the best one.

VaporFi Classic Tobacco E-Liquid can elevate the entire vaping experience

top 10 e-liquid brandsAre you a newbie in vaping? Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user of e-cigarettes, there will be e-cigarette to suit your needs. When it comes to e-cigs, they are available in various flavors, styles, and designs. Right from the time e-cig came into being, VaporFi is one such brand which stays at the forefront. It offers dependable vaporizers, e-cigs or starter kits. The selection of products offered by VaporFi is the best. E-liquids of different flavors and in huge varieties may be procured. The ones who wish to experience traditional smoking, they may avail flavors of cigar and that of old cigarettes.

VaporFi offers a wide range of options for accessories and vaping liquids. A newbie in vaping can avail starter kits and temp control devices. There is a full line of vape juices and E-liquids available from VaporFi. VaporFi Classic tobacco E-Liquid (30ml) produces a good amount of fume, but it does taste like tobacco. The best e-liquid in the USA never goes out of style or fashion. As the name suggests, it bears a classic taste. With perfect earthy body, the e-cigarette is sweetly aromatic. The liquid is FDA approved with top-rated glycerin procured directly from Malaysian Palm. The taste is sweeter and much, unlike tobacco. If you are looking for tasty e-liquid brand, VaporFi is an ultimate choice.

Cosmic Fog Vapors: the best e-liquid these days

In the year 2018, Cosmic Fog Vapors is the best e-liquid. Cosmic Fog is California based e-liquid company in Orange County which prepares e-liquid in authentic flavor at the impeccable ISO8 facility. Every e-juice flavor is crafted painstakingly in 7-8 months of continuous processing, and this is done in pursuit of perfection. To ensure purity and perfection, the juice is filtered at least 4-5 times. You may buy e-liquids in a range of flavors and various levels of nicotine. 70/30- VG/PG blend offers a bold flavor and full-bodied flavor.

The best part is that the flavor will feel boring. The premium quality of e-liquid is available at the great price range. However, if you are under the legal smoking age, you cannot use it. The taste is minty with the blend of peppermint flavor and dark chocolate flavor.

Black Note E-Liquid: the most authentic e-liquid

Black Note, the leading brand of e-liquid goes extra miles to extract the most authentic e-juices. The brand uses non-GMO plants to extract real flavors. Non-GMO tobacco plants are grown in richest soil in the surface of the earth. Harvested from volcanic soils, the tobacco plants undergo 8 weeks of cold maceration process. It is only after that the tobacco flavor is extracted. What one gets at the end is genuine tobacco flavor. The flavor extracted is blended with the finest grades of e-liquid ingredients of the USA. So, the final result is the flavorful vaping experience of different kinds. Black Note E-Liquid is produced in the VG/PG ratio 50/50 while offered in two different Nicotine levels.

The use of light-proof cylinder to preserve the liquid keeps intact the brilliant flavor. The e-liquid is the best one and is a must try for all the tobacco lovers. The product carries a remarkably different taste of brand, and right from the extraction to culmination, the flavors of Black Note tobacco are one-of-a-kind. When it comes to tobacco e-liquids of Black Note, there are 7 different e-liquids.

Naked 100 for a variety of e-liquid flavors

Every e-liquid company you come across tries to keep it 100. Naked is one such brand of e-liquid which falls under this category. You may feel that the name of the brand is silly. However, the branding is cool, subtle and representing what e-liquids are all about. The popular flavors will never turn the coils into a gunky mess. Each e-liquid offered by Naked is light in the shade. You do not find here any use of artificial sweeteners like in other e-liquids. Naked sells some of the most natural tasting and exotic fruit flavors. The popular ones are menthol, tobacco, and candy. After trying it only, you will understand how nice the flavors are. The following are the pros:

  • E-liquids from Naked may be availed in a variety of flavors.
  • The e-liquids are kind to the wick and your coils.
  • The juice is well crafted
  • Pleasant aroma is another distinguishing factor
  • Not very sweet
  • Attractive branding

The only con is that the e-liquid is just available in the VG/PG ratio of 70/30.

Charlie’s Chalkdust available in complex flavors

top 10 e-liquid brandsCharlie’s Chalkdust has established a good reputation in the game of e-liquids. The best-known company in vape game is known particularly for white and black bottles. Charlie screams quality and elegance in the realm of e-liquid. The e-liquid lives to its name and has sophisticated and rich flavor. The e-liquid is devoid of any pretensions. Whether you wish for rich vanilla flavor or apple candy sour flavor, Charlie will be your best bet. The White Level line of Charlie focuses mainly on sweet flavors while the black ones cater to dessert lovers. Apart from this, there are several sweet, tangy or decadent savory flavors like Mr. Merengue Line.

The Pros of Charlie’s Chalkdust e-liquids:

  • The flavors are rich and complex
  • Elegant packaging
  • Available in wide variety of flavors including desserts and fruits
  • The brand is established with a great reputation

No such cons are there. But, you cannot avail e-liquid in menthol flavor

Vape Pink for the ones with a sweet tooth

Are you looking for a vape juice to take you back? You can settle for Vape Pink. Each flavor offered by the brand satisfies the one with a sweet tooth. Using the e-liquid can bring back the memories of the past when you relished the taste of candies so much. It will feel as if you are eating raw cookie dough and thought that no one watches you. Cookie butter tastes great, and you will be simply hooked on to its taste. There are currently three varieties available. The flavor profile is addictive and is available in pink bottles. The items are priced reasonably and prepared in the ISO-8 lab. The e-liquid is best meant for lovers of sweets and candies. The only reported drawback is that the e-liquid is available in just three varieties.

Premium e-liquids from Dinner Lady

Among the top 10 e-liquid brands, Dinner Lady excels. In just one year, the brand of e-liquid has carved a distinct name in the realm. Well, the initial splash is already made with the lineup of e-liquid products. Almost all the flavors of e-liquids pay homage to English desserts like cornflake tart, rice pudding with jam. They are crafted expertly by Dinner Lady. The flavors of e-liquids are decadent and well-balanced but not too sweet. Some of the other flavors are strawberry custard and lemon tart. If you are looking for e-liquid carrying dessert flavor, you may give Dinner lady e-liquid a try. Now the brand has come up with tropical flavors of e-liquids.

Major Pros

  • The e-liquids are well crafted and well balanced
  • Not very sweet
  • The branding is attractive
  • You may avail them in varieties like dessert, tropical and others

The only drawback here is that the e-liquid is not available in menthol flavor.

Five Pawns: well-established brand of e-liquid

When it comes to the best brand of e-liquid, Five Pawns is the best. All throughout the vaping industry, Five Pawns is an established brand of e-liquid. The e-liquid is sophisticated having a refined palate. The brand makes e-liquids by hand and in small batches. The brand offers different flavors of e-liquid to cater to varying tastes. They are 5 flavors in all, and so the name is Five Pawns. Castle Long is a popular flavor carrying the note of Kentucky Bourbon, and Bawden’s Mate has chocolate, peppermint and vanilla flavors. If you are looking for matured flavors of e-liquid, you may try them out. The brand manufactures e-liquids in small batches and by hand. The only drawback is that the e-liquid is pretty expensive.

The popularity of Fa-Q Max VG

Fa-Q e-liquid is extracted right from California’s heart, and its name stands for quality, flavor, and elegance. You can expect e-liquid of good quality and flavor from the brand. The vapor is flavorful and is of high quality. Right from savory to tropical, Fa-Q has something meant for every vaper. It is great to learn that the brand has reformulated the juice into max VG. Cloud chasers out there can have great fun. Guava Blast is an e-liquid bearing an unparallel combination of lemongrass extract and sweet guava. Funky Monkey comes with the touch of Kiwi and is a banana strawberry treat. Among all, Miss Samoa is the hottest seller.  Popular options are Green Party, Coney Apple and so the brand has flavor and quality for the lovers of e-liquids. The flavors are well-crafted and bear good quality. They are affordable and come in attractive packages.

Vape Wild: the most affordable brands of e-liquids online

top 10 e-liquid brandsLooking for affordable e-liquid of rich flavors? Vape Wild is the brand which offers e-liquids online at affordable rates. The fan following of Vape Wild is massive, and the customers come back again and again. Vape Wild is one such brand which offers e-liquid flavors in a wide variety. There are huge options in nicotine levels and PG/VG ratio. You may buy 480 ml of e-liquid in just Rs. $59.9. This is cheap, and no other brand offers such rates. If you fulfill the orders up to $15, you will get bonus e-juice. Then, even the shipping is free on minimum orders.

Essential facts on e-liquid you should know

E-liquid is viscous juice that gives the same feeling of consuming tobacco. They may be available either with flavoring or without flavoring. It wets metallic coils in customizer with the wicking process. When you heat the coil, the e-liquid vaporizes. This vapor is not at all similar to that produced by water. Some of the chief ingredients of e-liquids are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin. The two liquids or ingredients are mixed in a certain ratio. It also bears concentrated flavoring for additional taste. They are mostly sold diluted and in lab-based chemical formulations. Most of the e-liquids imbibe VG, PG, liquid nicotine and various flavoring. Such components are all mixed in desired proportions.

A great variety of e-liquid flavors

Top 10 e-liquid brands make use of the best flavors. There may be thousands of flavors available for e-liquids. Some of the popular ones are desserts and fruits. Even the exotic blends are available. Certain chemicals can be harmful, and so the brands tend to reformulate the chemical formulations. An un-flavored e-liquid is the best choice if you want to avoid respiratory issues.

When choosing a brand of e-liquid, you must have a look at the ingredients used by the brand, the pricing, and the reputation. Good quality e-liquid will taste great and will be blended well. It will produce sufficient vapor and carry a light shade. Do not choose e-liquids of darker shades.