Electronic Cigarettes

The history of e-cigarettes and vaporizers go back a long way than most would usually think. It is interesting to note that the first time when the electronic cigarettes were patented was all the way back in 1960’s. However, in the year 2004, a Chinese pharmacist invented the modern form of e-cigarettes. In recent years, they have become immensely popular because they vaporize the nicotine present in them. Quite interestingly, the number of American adults who used to smoke conventional nicotine products has recorded a steep decline, from 45% in the 1960’s to 15% in 2015. Naturally, the sale of ordinary cigarettes has declined over the same period. In this context, it is crucial to note that the sale of e-cigarettes has climbed by 150 percent. This reflects that they are increasingly being used by the likes of the younger population.

The reason behind their popularity among the youth

Electronic CigarettesIt is a fascinating fact to mention that vapor cigarettes are increasingly becoming popular among a majority of individuals. Moreover, their reputation is more among the college-going students. The electronic option for smoking is a creation which is perfect for the younger generation of the society. Furthermore, the youth population in a majority of countries also appreciates them. It is that kind of a device which they can show off to their social groups. On the other hand, the design and working mechanism of a majority of electronic cigarettes are on the sidelines of the demand of the youth population.

Interestingly, the increasing use of e-cigarettes among the younger population has led to the decline of the rampant use of tobacco. According to the views of the present youth population, smoking is a lame activity, and the use of an e-cigarette is the best way to draw attention. Additionally, it can be said that unlike conventional nicotine products, modern-day e-cigarettes lack the presence of harmful carcinogens. Hence, they are safe to use even when you are in a public space. Below is the list of reasons behind their present-day hype among the younger generation.

Vapor Cigarettes are socially acceptable

One of the most highlighting aspects that set it apart from traditional cigarettes is in the form of the fact that it is socially acceptable. It is also regarded as an alternative form of smoking. Furthermore, with increasing awareness, e-cigarettes are becoming socially acceptable. This alternative smoking device has found a prominent space in today’s health-conscious society. Moreover, as e-cigarettes do not emit smoke, they are entirely safe for use in various public areas.

Electronic Cigarettes feature a trendy and innovative design

One of the most important reasons behind their popularity is in the form of the fact that they have an innovative design. The younger generation of today loves to sport flashy items. On the other hand, a majority of them are social media buffs and like to post pictures with flashy details in major social media platforms. The young, educated adults are responsible for the innovative designs that are dished out by present-day brands. Hence, it is quite evident that the younger generation of today results in demand creation which in turn gets fulfilled by the e-cigarette manufacturing brand. Vaping has just become part and parcel of the lifestyle of the modern youth population.

E-cigarettes are versatile

A plethora of college students and young people who would never dream of smoking a standard e-cigarette always enjoy the versatility of this new technology. In this context, it is interesting to note that vapor cigarettes have no visible sign of when to put them out. This is the reason that they are much easier to customize the vaping experience. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes are versatile because you can decide the smoking length and duration of the e-cigarettes. These types of vaporizers are very convenient to use. Vapor cigarettes have taken convenience to new levels in the form of the fact that they do not require any lighter for their operation. On the other hand, there are no accidental flames present when you are using electronic cigarettes. You would also do not need any ashtrays while using these types of cigarettes.

Electronic Vaporizers are cheap when you consider them for long-term use

It is a widely accepted fact that the initial cost of purchasing an e-cigarette can be costly. However, the recurring prices are quite low. This has resulted in the phenomenon of more people switching to conventional cigarette smoking. In this context, it is important to note that a standard packer usually spends 150 dollars per month when singing regular cigarettes. However, they pay less when they use e-cigarettes. It is so because they only have to spend 50 dollars per month for various coils and spare parts of e-cigarettes.

They signify the flashy lifestyle

Electronic CigarettesThere is no point in denying that e-cigarettes denote a flashy lifestyle in most of this world. On the other hand, it is also a widely accepted fact that youngsters love this ostentatious lifestyle. They tend to use these devices so that they can sport them in their social groups. They also upgrade their vaping equipment for a large number of times in a bid to make them flashy and trendy. The e-cigarettes also do not have a significant repercussion on the health. This is the reason that they are becoming increasingly popular among the health-conscious youth population. In other words, it has caught on like wildfire, and more and more youngsters are using these kinds of e-cigarettes. Moreover, these types of cigarettes allow the younger generation to experiment with a lot of flavors of e-liquids.

Electronic Vaporizers have facilitated a smokeless cigarette generation

Today’s generation is synonymous with digital gadgets and the internet. Hence, it’s likely that the youth of today would prefer something that best exudes the above notion. With the invasion of cell phones and internet, it has become mandatory to use that kind of a smoking device which can facilitate a trendy lifestyle. This is where electronic cigarettes play a pivotal role. The e-cigarettes are sleek devices which help the teenager to sport that kind of a lifestyle which is synonymous with class.

Using an elegant electronic device which delivers a hit of nicotine without actually burning it via vapor is perhaps the best way to relax in their leisure time. On the other hand, it is also important to note that despite the presence of nicotine in small quantities, these cigarettes are not posing a significant health challenge. The younger generation of today is conscious of their health, and hence they are leaving no stones unturned to take the best possible care of their body.

The aspect of smoking cessation with the help of electronic vaporizers

There is a growing evidence base that electronic cigarettes are the best devices with the support of which one can quit smoking. The best electronic cigarettes come with an array of flavors with negligible nicotine content in them. On the other side, in the case of an e-cigarette, the nicotine is not burnt. It is vaporized along with the different flavors. Hence, electronic vaporizers do not emit dense smokes. Moreover, as nicotine is vaporized in these types of cigarettes, there are no chances of passive smoking and affecting the nearby people. This is the reason that electronic vaporizers are attaining fame and popularity. It is also interesting to note that electronic vaporizers deliver nicotine like hit which is not nicotine. Hence, the smokers avail an experience which is similar to smoking a real cigarette. However, the health hazards are too low when it comes down to conventional forms of cigarettes.

These types of cigarettes are user-friendly

One of the most prominent e-cigarettes facts is that they are user-friendly. It is so because they are relatively easy to operate. Despite being an electronic gadget, it is relatively easy to use. The electronic vaporizers which are available nowadays have become much more user-friendly. They are relatively easy to operate. This is another reason that they appeal to the youth population in a significant manner. The younger demographic of today prefers that kind of devices which are simple to operate. Moreover, in the case of these cigarettes, one would not require a lighter or a matchstick. This is one of the aspects that have a mass market appeal. They also do not comprise of any harmful chemicals, and this is the reason that a lot of young individuals prefer them.

The prospect of using a nicotine chamber nowadays

Electronic CigarettesAn e-cigarette comprises a battery, a renewable nicotine chamber and an atomizer which allows the smoker to smoke the cigarette by holding the device in hand. In this context, it is important to note that the nicotine chamber proves to be very useful as the cartridges are available in various kinds of flavors. Furthermore, this nicotine chamber is instrumental as it allows the user to draw less amount of smoke. This is beneficial to the health of the individual because it will enable the user to reduce the amount of nicotine until they can quit altogether. On the other side, a nicotine chamber usually lasts for 20 to 25 cigarettes which ensure that one can save expenses related to smoking.

An environment-friendly alternative

Electronic vaporizers are that type of devices which vaporizes the nicotine instead of burning it. This is the reason that they emit less toxic smoke. In this context, it is important to note that e-cigarettes are that type of smoking devices which would help you to smoke without causing any environmental pollution effectively. The smoke that is discharged from these types of cigarettes is usually odorless and comprises of less toxic chemicals. This is also the reason that e-cigarettes are fine to be used in public spaces. However, their usage in hospitals and malls are still debated.

It also does not give rise to passive smoking. So, if you have your dear ones beside you, you do not have to run outside for a quick smoke. This is the reason that they are increasingly being used by the youth population. The youth of today are more aware of the aspects of environmental pollution.

Their easy availability

It is a widely accepted fact that an e-cigarette starter kit is available in a variety of stores. On the other hand, with the increasing proliferation of internet services, a lot of e-cigarette brands are conducting sales with the help of their websites. The youth of today prefers those types of items that are readily available at their fingertips. On the other side, they also prefer to buy things which they can order from the comfort of their home. Being readily available in both online and physical stores, these e-cigarettes are currently ruling the roost regarding the latest electronic devices used for smoking. Quite interestingly, the e-juices are also available easily with the leading online stores. Moreover, they are priced competitively, and that is the reason for their popularity among the younger generation.

Upon reflection, the e-cigarette is a cheaper and healthier alternative for a plethora of individuals out there. On the other side, they are also an excellent alternative to real smoking. Their popularity among the youth population is on a steady rise. They are simple to operate and readily available which further boosts their practicality among the youth population. They also possess the potential to replace the harmful cigarettes. Hence, as one can see, their advantages are innumerable. On the other side, they are also quite phenomenal in rendering the user with a real cigarette-like smoking experience. The cartridge of the e-cigarettes also varies as per the strength of the nicotine. This is the reason that using an e-cigarette is a practical choice for a lot of youth population.