best e juice flavors

The era of E-cigarette

With some innovation and the inventions, the recreations have been taken up to the next level. Some things like e-cigarette will help you to spend your time in relaxation and the help you to go for a less harmful alternative among all the recreations. The idea that will help you to go for the enjoyment is the e-cigarette. Before going for the juice in details, you need to go for the concept of the e-cigarette and why they are used. The electronic device is used for the stimulation that is used for the give the feeling of the tobacco smoking. The cigarette that will help you to go for lesser nicotine free alternative is called vaping. The whole component of the e-liquid that contains in the e-cigarette is propylene, glycerin, nicotine and most importantly the flavors.

The Best E Juice Flavors

Some flavors are available in the market that you can go for. Nowadays the modern e-liquids are being promoted as the nicotine free alternative that will help you to go for the healthier lifestyle. It has been found out that excessive nicotine is causing ailments related to the respiratory system and the liver. Since its invention in the year 2003, there has been no looking back in the arena of ‘less-harmful’ smoking. If you are looking to shift yourself from the hardcore smoking to the tobacco of the e-cigarette, then you need to know all about the flavor that has been ruling the market. You can take a look at the best e juice flavors to start from. Take a detailed look at the list below:

Varieties to look for

1. Cosmic Fog Vapors

best e juice flavorsTopping the list of the best vape juice flavors is the Cosmic Fog Vapors. Coming straight from the ISO8 facility, the meticulously crafted taste is one of a kind for its unbeaten specifications and the component. Meeting all the safety standard of the e juice, the things that will help you to go for the flavor are the five-way process and safety that is the main USP of the flavored liquid. There are numerous purification-processes, and lab testing is done before the packaging of the product. For gaining the maximum level of perfection, the whole fluid has to go through seven to eight months of the process that will ensure the highest level of perfection and safety standard.

2. Black Note Tobacco E Juice

The tobacco flavor is best e juice flavors, something that you cannot previously afford in the arena of the e-liquid. Fear not, for you will now get the authentic tobacco flavor at your doorstep with the Black Note Tobacco E Juice Flavor that will help you to go for the authentic taste that is coming up directly from the real tobacco farm. The manufacturer knows your love for the tobacco but your health concern regarding the harmful effect of the high nicotine. Therefore it is very evident that the base materials have been selected from the world’s best tobacco field with the extraction that is naturally done for eight weeks. With so many unusual aspects to look for, this one is the perfect pick for you if you want to taste the best of the tobacco flavor.

3. Halo Menthol E-liquid

Are you looking for the soothing and earthy flavor along with the fresh sensation? Then this one is the perfect thing that you should look out for if you want to go for the essence of menthol flavor after you took your vow of quitting the smoking entirely forever. The breezy menthol touch that will help you to go for the vape wild e-juice that will support you to go for the e-cigarette even if you are going for the hardcore maintenance of the nicotine free regime. The gross Menthol and the cooling flavor will help you to take your pleasure to another level.

Another central aspect that makes it stand apart from the crowd of other e-liquid is that this one is crafted with care and patience by the workers and the manufacturers alike. The stand-out formula of the whole assortment is something that has commanded envy of every other manufacturer. Along with the menthol, you will also get another six flavors that are equally desirable and most wanted among all the manufacturers.

4. Halo Desert Flavors

Have you ever wondered what it would taste like if you have always fantasized about the plethora of flavor combination of sweet caramel, apple turnover, Belgian chocolate, café mocha and many more into just one liquid? The Halo Desert is the perfect answer to your fantasy that will help you to taste the entire above-mentioned flavor in a single puff of smoke. The deluxe buffet of dessert is the perfect combo for all the sweet lovers who want to go for the caramel, Devlin, sugar twist and many more to look out for. The varieties that the liquid is offering are one of a kind, and it was tough to keep it in the fourth position in the list.

The only thing that kept the situation in the fourth position is just that the price is a bit higher than the other mentioned products. But for so much extra and lip-smacking variety, you should give it a try once or the other. This is one of the best e juice flavors that you have ever come across.

5. Mylk

best e juice flavorsThe phenomenal and the oldest brand of the black note e juice is back with some flavors that is one of a kind for all the feelings that will satiate your hunger for the authentic fruity taste to the extent of gorging it extensively. The manufacturers are back with the latest flavor in their kitty, Green Tea vape juice. Other than that, you can go for the caramel almond, milk flavor, wafer, cocktails, mocktails and many more that you will love. In a bid to promote the healthy nicotine free campaign of going for less harmful puff, the manufacturers want to stress the fact that the fit and the fruity flavor can help you to go for the fruity alternative and will be an instant favorite among all the health conscious individuals.

6. Halo E liquids

Coming back from the department of the various flavors, if you want to go for the best brand that is ruling the world market of e-liquid, then, the perfect blend for you is you are the Halo E liquids. Made with the authentic and best ingredients that are fully transparent and are made entirely up of the top-notch formula, this flavor is everyone’s favorite for its overall wellness that it aptly promotes. The vibrant and dense disposition is the perfect answer to all the queries that you have regarding the adoption of the correct e-liquid flavor. Apart from the everyday flavor, you will also find a vast selection of the fruity and chocolaty flavor with the other range of the manufacturers.

Numerous things that make it stand apart from all the other stuff is that its tasteless disposition! Yes, it is found that, if you go for the flavored alternative too many times, then you need to think because too much flavor may cause digestive ailments.  That is why, if you look for the regular ingestion, then it is better that you go for the tasteless alternative.

7. Cosmic Fog Fruits:

Now if you are again looking for the occasional puff, then there should not be any harm coming out from the fruit flavor related to the digestive ailments. A recent survey has found that 50 percent of the puff takers enjoy the flavored one. Among them, the choicest one is the fruity flavor and the blends that come up with it. Now it is a very critical job to differentiate between the real fruit flavor and the false manufacturer that are claiming to be having the best fruit flavor but just a slight sensation. So that is why you need to go for the authenticity of the brand and authenticity. You need to go for the authentic flavors that will help you to experience the perfect taste that you are seeking.

If you are looking for the fruity and berry blend that will help you to go for the excellent taste, then you need to go for the Cosmic Fog Fruits. Yes, they are coming up with the newer blend of flavor every day that will help you to experience the perfect Hawaiian fruits that will help you to go for the ideal of Kryptonite for the melon sensation. The manufacturers spend eight months on brewing the perfect fruit combo in every molecule of the liquid.

8. Cosmic Banana Nut Bread:

best e juice flavorsLast but not the least in the list of the yummiest liquid alternative that you will ever come across is the perfect flavor of the Banana and the Nut that will instantly remind you of the Christmas magic that you used to gorge upon in every holiday fondly. The 30 ml liquid is the perfect answer to all the cravings that you have during the Christmas time. You just need to take up the right brand. And your favorite Cosmic Brand is the ultimate answer to your entire query regarding the safety and health standard that you are so keen to maintain in the long run. The ways to keep all the health in your fingertip along with the taste is something that will help you to go for the exact pleasure with every puff that you take.

Simple things to keep in mind

So here comes the end of the list. If you are looking for the perfect address to buy all the flavors, then you can go for the online purchase. In online, they will give you a plethora of discounts and offers that you can look up to if you are going tight on the budget. The e-liquids are made up of the vegetable glycerin instead of the harmful nicotine that will help you to go for the oil contents, and also help in the inflow of the whole liquid. Assisting in the movement, the glycerin also blends all the flavors that are incorporated into the liquid very smoothly to leave your favorite flavor in your mouth even after the puff is done.

Though some of the e-liquids still contain nicotine, yet, you must know that the primary intention of the e-liquid has been possible just because of the ‘nicotine free’ campaign. The flavorings that are done are usually of the food additives that would keep in mind the health USP of the products. The supplements like the caffeine are incorporated in the minimal amount to not go for the harmful with every puff.

Use of the Nicotine

The reputable manufacturers will never promote the use of the nicotine included a liquid. Instead, they would try to keep in mind all the health and safety standard that is concerned with all the parameters of the basic human health. Always do thorough research before opting for any manufacturer. You must see the authenticity of the brand. You can begin your research by looking through this listing. This listing has been made after a thorough survey and study. Many users have been interviewed for the purpose, and the whole thing has been jotted down carefully.

It is a matter of concern that you need to see before going for the healthy smoking. It is still better if you consult your doctor and take his suggestion if he will allow you to go for the lower nicotine smoking or if your issue is more dangerous to stop your smoking altogether. And it is in the best interest of your health that you need to keep these simple points in mind.