Nicotine Gum

Nicotine Gum – Facts

The habit of smoking is on the rise. The adverse effects of chain smoking or even smoking are well known, and everybody who smokes knows these as well. But one should still know that the habit of smoking gets associated with an increased chance of catching lung cancer. Smoking constantly increases the chances of lung cancer by almost a quarter and sometimes as much as two times. Lifespan gets shortened with constant smoking. Women are also more likely to catch this form of cancer more than men. Due to this reason, many people also want to quit the habit of smoking so that they can lead a happy and healthy life.

Nicotine is one such compound which can help one in getting rid of smoking. The compound nicotine has been actively used in modern medicines and tablets to help smokers quit smoking. The nicotine works in such a way that the person no longer needs cigarettes. Some facts about nicotine gums are-

Availability Of Choices

Nicotine GumThe pharmaceutical industry is a big industry. Naturally, there will be more than one option for any, particularly given medicine. The nicotine gum which incorporates the compound nicotine as its main component also has various brands and manufacturers producing it. As such there are many available choices for the gum. These manufacturers aim to produce the most effective nicotine gum which can be used by the smokers who are looking to quit smoking. The gum also comes in the dosage of two to four milligrams.

Also, these gums are available for in most of the drug stores, departmental stores or even grocery stores. The gums also come in different quantities, and numbers like some gums come in a set of five, some other may come in the set of tens and some even come up to as much as twenty gums. The prices of these chewing gums are also very less, and they are even cheaper than most forms of cigarettes. Thus the nicotine gum can come handy in saving cash in the long run and not spend it on smoking. Usually, the use and purchase of nicotine get associated with a display of prescription, but in some countries, one can purchase and use the nicotine without any doctor prescription.


Everybody knows that smoking is a bad and cancerous habit. The real danger is not the smoke or the product used in making the cigarette but the fact that most people get hooked on the habit after few tries only. After that, the body and the mind yearn for a smoke until and unless they get one. But by going against this addiction and restraining oneself from smoking can be detrimental to one’s brain as the said person can suffer from the withdrawal symptoms which can be quite difficult to deal with.

Nicotine is used to combat the withdrawal symptoms of smoking, but one should also know that the cigarettes also contain nicotine. Nicotine is a form of alkaloid. The stress-inducing work schedule of an individual can give rise to acids which can quickly and vastly deplete the nicotine reserve of the body. The smoking induces more nicotine into the body which the body can get quickly addicted to, but some people continue smoking not due to addiction but due to the psychological habituation of smoking. The nicotine which enters the body can leave the body in the first few hours, but the by-products of nicotine can stay in the body for up to several hours more.

Nicotine Gum is good

As discussed above one might think that nicotine may not be the best and safest alternative to getting rid smoking. One can also get addicted to nicotine over some period too. So naturally one might think that nicotine is not good for one’s health. But to contrary to these facts one also needs to know that nicotine is commonly occurring substance in the food and vegetable items and is not a substance which one can make in behind the glass doors of laboratories.

The nicotine occurring in the vegetable like tomatoes, chilies, tea, and potatoes are of a pure quality which makes them non-toxic and completely safe for the human body. In fact, with the presence of nicotine in these vegetable and food items one can say that they consume some traces and small amounts of nicotine daily. The only problem with nicotine is its addictive nature, but on the other hand, it does not cause any diseases and is not the reason behind cancer in a smoker. Thus one can conclude that nicotine is part of the natural food chain and thus is a naturally occurring substance. In fact, it is the nicotine which is used in cigarettes to make the user addicted to the smoke.

Effect On The Body

As it has gotten established about nicotine and how it is not harmful to the body. One also needs to know how a cigarette works in a basic form. One can break down the cigarette into two major components. The first is the tobacco which can cause cancer and is very harmful to the body. The other major element is the nicotine. The nicotine is the one which acts and causes the addiction of the non-smoker to the habit of smoking. The nicotine activates the receptors with the help of nicotine patch.

When one resolves to break through the bad habit of smoking and give up this habit altogether, he or she will hit a brick wall in the form of nicotine. They will also suffer from the withdrawal symptoms which can induce a headache, a strong urge to inhale the smoke so that they can fill their body with nicotine and tobacco smoke. The nicotine present in the smoke will lighten our mood and give one pleasure and calmness for some time. The nicotine also affects the neurotransmitter which goes by the name of dopamine. The chemical of nicotine patch thus acts on this dopamine which can help one in experiencing pleasure and a sense of calmness while one is enjoying smoke.

Nicotine Gum Over Nicotine Patch

Nicotine GumIf one is looking to get rid of nicotine and want to experience instant relief from smoking, then the medical industry offers both nicotine gum and nicotine patch as an alternative to smoking which can help an individual in quitting the smoke. But often the individual gets confused whether they should opt for nicotine gum or nicotine patch especially if they have an only brief idea of nicotine and there is no one to guide them. There are certain advantages associated with the use of nicotine gum over the nicotine patch which easily makes the nicotine gum the most recommended product for people who want to quit smoking. The advantages of opting for nicotine based gum to quit smoking over the nicotine patch is that the nicotine gum can be stored in any weather conditions and can be easily carried anywhere to use.

If an individual is hitting the road and they know that they can be on the road for a long time, then they can carry the gum with them, and they can consume the gum when they think they are suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of smoking. The other major benefit of the gum is that it acts rather fast and the nicotine component enters the blood vessel quite fast due to the presence of many blood vessels in the mouth cavity.

Certain Drawbacks

Many people who are not familiar with the use of the nicotine-based gum may think that the nicotine gum is actually to be chewed and its juices to be swallowed just like any other gum. They cannot be more wrong in this regard as the nicotine gum does not work in this manner. If one were to chew the gum and swallow all the juices coming out of it, then that individual can experience hiccups, dizziness, nausea or upset stomach. The nicotine if taken directly can disrupt the bodily functions and interfere with the bio clock of the body like interrupting sleep timings.

The benefits of giving up smoking are immense which is why nicotine gets demanded. The gum is first kept in the mouth and chewed slightly so that the juices contained in the gum can come out. Once the person can taste the nicotine coming out of the gum they can sideline the gum beside the teeth and keep it there just like one keeps dried tobacco leaves there. This can help an individual in giving up smoking. But one also needs to exercise caution when chewing on these gums as they can get addicted to the nicotine gums and the nicotine gums are very harmful to pregnant ladies as the nicotine can harm the fetus in the womb of their mothers. On the other hand, some individuals might take the wrong dosage of nicotine and suffer from certain disorders.

Thus one needs the help of nicotine to get rid of smoking fast and effectively while keeping the suffering from withdrawal symptoms to the minimum.