teen smoking

Teen Smoking

For many people, it is not easy to quit smoking. There are those who start thinking that it is impossible to quit smoking. This is so because the nicotine in tobacco is extremely addictive and so it is hard to avoid cigarettes. It takes a lot of effort to quit smoking, but the moment you think about benefits of quitting smoking, you realize that it is worth the effort you put. Hard to believe but it is true that even teenagers are given to smoking. Stopping teenagers from smoking is the best way to help them lead a healthy life. Most teenagers smoke simply because their friends and family member do. Educating teens on the hazards of smoking is the best way to stop them from smoking.

Enter Into In an Open Discussion

teen smokingIt is very unfortunate to learn that your teenager child is given to smoking. You may enter into an open discussion with your child and talk about the hazards of smoking and how it negatively affects the health. Do not just directly ask the teenager to stop smoking. You may do a bit of research with the teenager and explore the reasons for not smoking. Let the person realize how dangerous it is to smoke. Create that fear in the mind so that the teenager avoids tobacco naturally.

Support the Child and Ask Him to Put Things in Writing

The ones who make a goal in life, it is usually they who succeed. If you want to bring about a change, ask the young smoker to make a resolution in writing and abide by that. Along with the goal, the teenager can also write the drawbacks of smoking and the diseases caused by smoking. If he/she is aware of the disastrous consequences of smoking, the person will get rid of the habit. Some of the reasons for quitting tobacco are the money spent on cigarettes, the diseases caused by consuming tobacco. Smoking can affect your health negatively. You may indulge in physical activities to boost your health. Taking support from friends and family can help a lot. Get in touch with a counselor for help. If it is hard to get support from friends and family, join an online quit smoking community.

Top 3 Strategies That Work

  • Choose any particular date when you will stop smoking. Work hard to accomplish your goal. Mark the date on the calendar and inform your friends and family about it. Think of that day as the dividing line between you as a new non-smoker and smoking.
  • Discard your cigarettes and throw them in the dustbin. If you have cigarettes around you, it will not be possible to quit smoking. Get rid of the ashtray, the cigarettes and the lighter.
  • Wash all your clothes to get rid of the bad smell of cigarette. You may get the sweaters and coats dry-washed. If you used a cigarette in the car, clean the car as well.

Avoid the Triggers

There can be certain times when you like to smoke. It may be after the meals or while driving. Just break the link to avoid smoking. You may walk down to your school instead of using a car. If the school is far away, you can take a bus. If there is a tendency to smoke after lunch or dinner, consume healthy snacks. Do not hang out with friends who smoke usually. If you still have the urge to smoke, substitute cigarette with carrot sticks, candies, nuts, mints, and sugar-free gums.

How to Handle Withdrawal Symptoms?

Smoking withdrawal symptoms are hard to handle. There will be various withdrawal symptoms if your body is used to smoking. Some of the symptoms are stomach cramps, headaches, lacking in energy and a feeling of drowsiness. With patience and determination, you can quit teen smoking. Do not worry too much about the withdrawal symptoms as they will pass off soon. If it is hard to handle the symptoms, take help from others.

Be Busy and Involve Yourself

If you are busy and distracted, you may quit smoking. Involve yourself in activities you like to do. To keep up the energy level and reduce weight, be active and indulge in exercising.

Give Up Graduallyteen smoking

This is an easy way to quit smoking if you are a hard smoker. Do not quit smoking at once but give it up slowly. You may reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. Reducing the number of cigarettes is an effective way to give up smoking.

Nicotine Replacement Can Help

If you think that it is nearly impossible to quit smoking, discuss it with a doctor. The doctor can prescribe smoking cessation program and incorporate the use of patches, gums, nicotine replacement therapies, nasal sprays or inhalers. Before buying a nicotine patch, inhaler and gum, you must talk to your doctor. They are usually available under prescription.

Do Not Give Up!

A hard smoker who smokes 10 cigarettes daily cannot give up smoking in a day. This may be your case as well. If you slipped once and had one cigarette, do not give up. Just think about the trigger that made you slip and do avoid it the next time. Remember one thing that smoking one cigarette cannot make you a heavy smoker again. Think about the reasons why you should quit smoking. You may think about your loved ones, your parents who want you to give up tobacco.

Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking

Teenage is a very tender age to adopt a habit which may cause lung cancer. In fact, in no age, you should pick up tobacco. Smoking leads to bad breath. Your hairs, clothes, and mouth may start smelling. Your nails and teeth may become yellow. So, we can say that very soon you will see the aging signs on your face. Smoking can cause wrinkles and shortness of breath as well.

There are various hazards of smoking. If you do not give up tobacco, you may have lung cancer. Smoking also affects the health of others around you. Giving up smoking is easy if you are determined and are involved in other activities.