Giving Up Smoking

Giving Up Smoking

Congratulations! You have finally decided to quit smoking. The ones who want to quit smoking really, they often declare that they would never smoke again only to see themselves smoking another cigarette. But, there are ways to stop smoking. As per the research, nearly 90% of the smokers wish to kick off this deadly smoking addiction. By being devoted to the resolution and by putting some bit of effort on it, you can quit smoking. Considering the dangers of smoking, if you give up this bad habit, you will surely lead a healthy life.

For tobacco users or regular smokers, tobacco urges are most powerful, and thus a difficult thing to avoid. Remember one thing, when the urge to chew tobacco overtakes you it continues just for 10 minutes and not much. You just have to control yourself for that time. If you can control yourself that time, you are one step closer to giving it up. Let us check out the steps to giving up tobacco.

Avoid Tobacco Triggers

Giving Up SmokingYou will get an urge to chew tobacco when you are in situations or places where you chew or smoke tobacco often. Some people love to smoke or drink in parties. If you are one such person, control the trigger. Get to know the trigger situation and be careful those times. No matter how stressed you are, just avoid tobacco.

Make a plan in mind how will you restrict yourself. If you have the habit of smoking while talking over the phone, occupy yourself in some other activity like writing to avoid smoking. Identifying trigger is the first step to giving up smoking.


The Use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

To overcome intense craving for tobacco, you may try out nicotine replacement therapy. Talk to your doctor about this therapy. There are inhalers and nasal sprays available to help you quit smoking. You may also try out over-the-counter gum, nicotine patches, etc.

There are also medications to stop smoking. You may discuss them out with your doctor. They are indeed short-acting nicotine therapies that are meant to rebuke or control the intense cravings. Short-acting therapy can be used along with long-acting nicotine to help one quit smoking.

Distract Your Mind

When you get an urge to smoke, just tell your mind that you will smoke afterward. By doing so, you can avoid smoking altogether. Tell yourself that you will smoke in 10 minutes and after the passage of time, distract your mind by doing something interesting. To derail any tobacco craving, you should move to a smoke-free zone and stay with people who do not smoke.

Chewing Candies or Crunchy Salad

Looking for an easy way to quit smoking? Whenever you get a craving for tobacco, just chew candies or chew salads. Eating toffees and candies can help a lot. If you give candy to your mouth, it will combat your tobacco craving. You may chew sugarless gum or candy. Other items you can chew are celery, carrots or nuts. Make sure the items you chew are tasty and crunchy.

Do Not Have Even One

If you are a hard smoker, the habit of smoking will not leave you at once. However, to get over with the urge to smoke, avoid having one. Some people just say they will smoke one cigarette but end up with 4-5 cigarettes. To attain your goal of quitting the habit, you must have a solid plan at the back of your mind. Commit and accomplish your goal. Your determination can only bring you success.

List out the Reasons to Stop Smoking

If you find it hard to quit smoking, you may take pen and paper and write down the reasons for quitting tobacco. You already know there are various diseases caused by smoking. List them out and write down other reasons for quitting tobacco. Make sure you only write the reasons that are correct. Smoking causes COPD which leads to death. This may be one of the reasons why you should give up smoking. Do not factor in the cost of smoking.

Health is an important reason for giving up smoking. Smoking also makes one smell unpleasant, and so this can be a probable reason for discarding tobacco. Make a list of reasons and then read them when you get a craving for tobacco.

Involve In Physical Activities

Giving Up SmokingThe consequences of smoking can be disastrous. More than 400,000 deaths are reported annually resulting from COPD. COPD is a destructive lung disease caused due to smoking. To distract your mind and to avoid any tobacco craving, you can involve more in physical activities. Your tobacco craving will go away if you climb up the stairs multiple times. Even running or jogging for a few minutes can help a lot. If you are in home or office, try out pushups, deep knee bends, and squats. If you are not interested in physical activities, do your favorite past time like woodwork, gardening, needlework or painting.

Breathing Exercises

Relaxation techniques are a great way to avoid smoking. If smoking is the way to handling stress, why not try breathing exercises. Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing, yoga, massages or listening to music. You may do away with stress by involving in relaxation techniques.

Get Support from Family and Friends

Giving up smoking requires reinforcements and motivation from others. Discuss out your plans to quit smoking with friends and family and involve them in the process. To resist the craving, take family support and be the part of a quit-smoking community online. You may also take assistance from counselors. There are telephone help-lines for quit smoking.

Think About the Benefits of Giving Up Cigarette

You are giving up smoking because smoking is injurious to health. Remind yourself of the benefits of quitting smoking. Write the benefits of quitting cigarette on a piece of paper and read that every day. Read out the benefits loudly and give up the urge.

Some of the reasons for giving up tobacco are living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding lung ailments, taking care of others who surround you. If you have pets and kid at home, it is even more important not to smoke.