best e cig starter kit

Best E Cig Starter Kit

Going Nicotine-free with an alternative way

There are numerous reasons that one is going for the anti-smoking way. The principal reason among them is that there is a mercuric rise in breathing and respiratory problems. But the first sickness that is affecting the whole scenario is lung cancer. But it is challenging to ditch the smoking altogether. For a habitual smoker, it is challenging task to leave the habit altogether. So that is the reason, if you are finding it difficult to ditch the practice altogether, then you can go for an alternative called e-cigarette. So what is e-cigarette? The electronic cigarette is the handheld electronic device that is the alternative to a smoking cigarette. The invention helps in stimulation of the tobacco smoking. In this device, there is a liquid called aerosol that is there for burning and it, in turn, produces smoke or vapor. That is why smoking e-cig is popularly known as ‘vaping.’

Best alternative smoking kits ruling the market of USA

Shifting to e-cigarette also implies that you need to know all the details and the kits that are involved in the habit. That is why you need to know about the starter pack of the best e cig starter kit available in the market. The kits come up with the atomizers, box mod body, charging cables and most importantly a vape tank. Some of the kits come with the complimentary free e-liquid, but usually, you need to buy the liquid after you purchase the kit. The mods also come in various length and sizes.  A proper kit from the branded house will ensure your bet vaping experience.

For a novice in vaping, it is imperative to do the appropriate research before opting for your starter kit. That is why a compilation of the best e cig starter kit written down for your ease. You can choose the best one for you depending on the specifications. Take a look!

1. V2 EX Series Starter E-liquid Kit:

best e cig starter kitIt is one of the most diversified and widespread kits. This kit is topping the list for its high recommendation by the regular vapors. This kit is the most advanced one that is available in the USA right now. The kit is small and elegant to look at. You must not get confused by the small size. The whole kit comes up with clearomizers. The clearomizers produce a significant amount of smoke. Such a small kit providing a high amount of puff is something that you can enjoy while puffing.

The kit is popular for both habitual and beginner alike. If you are a novice in the arena of smoking then, you can go for the cartomizer kit that is coming up bundled up with the kit itself. It lessens the requirement for refilling the tanks or the clearomizers. The battery indicator helps to know about the strength of the battery. For someone who is looking for nicotine –free smoking alternative, then you can go for it without any doubt. This is also one of the few smoking kits that are coming up with the lifetime warranty feature. There are numerous flavors that you can choose from.

2. Juul:

Coming second in the list, the starter kit that will help you go for the portable smoking is the perfect combo of technology and compactness. The pod system of the kit is straightforward and very easy to practice for the regular users. You just need to plug the device into your pod, and you will surely get with the best vape mod that you ever had. The kit is something that provides you good puff in spite of its small size. You can tuck it up in your pocket and carry it anywhere.

You can easily avoid the messy situation that usually comes up with more complicated devices with the coils, pipes, wattage setting and what not. And you can get four most authentic and unique within the range that is simple to use and perfectly affordable. If you are the first time smoke on the whole, then you can for the super-simple alternative for its effectiveness and easy to use procedures.

3. Halo E-Cig G6 kit for a starter:

The house of Halo E-Cig is well known for its flavored juices in the USA and abroad.  The brand has a superior and constant positioning in the e-cigarette brands list that is ideal for all the smokers internationally. The internationally acclaimed brand has yet come up with the most elegant and stunning kit this time, which you will surely love to show-off.  A good thing about the brand is that you can go for the huge customization in the various ranges of cartridges, colors, and batteries. You can also easily customize the size of the pipe and blanks from the mini size to the max size.

The flavors that are the standard USP of the G6 are yummy Belgian Cocoa, Malibu, and Tribeca. The only twist in the review is that this kit is definitely for the seasoned smokers who are in the habit of the setup and customization of the kit. The batts can also be going to the manual or automatic. Going for the flavors, this one you must give a try.

4. Kandypens RUBI:

If you just look at the kit of the Kandypen, it will look like a small pen tucked in a pocket. But if you use it once, then you will be amazed to see that it puts out a considerable amount of puff. The 1ml pod can refill at any time. The vape system is open. For your ease,  the performance is consistent. Using Kandypen have been reportedly the most satisfying one.  The batter is long-lasting, and its power is 280-mAh which is enough for a day’s usage. The product comes up with the lifetime warranty on the internal damage. The flavor is consistently good, and there are no chances of leaking if it gets tilled accidentally. The device is also compatible with all kinds of refills and can go for any e-liquid.

5. Kandypens Feather:

best e cig starter kitAnother one from the house of Kandypen, the device is one of the best e cig vaporizers that you will ever come across. The device is compact with the decent battery life of 380 mAh rechargeable one with LED battery indicator. The rubber back rich finish is something that you should look out for the small space areas. You can carry it anywhere without any hassle and can just start by filling up the refillable pod. Originally designed for the nicotine salt, this one is hugely popular among the entire inhaler which is going nicotine free. There is no separate mechanism for any push button.

You just need to put in the mouth anytime and inhale. The pod is slightly larger than the previously mentioned products with 2ml of the pod and can charge relatively faster. Like all the products of Kandypens, this one also comes up with a lifetime warranty.

6. Eleaf Pico iStick 25:

If you look at this kit, the first that will attract your attention is the attractive and unique designs. The colorful panel with the acrylic design is something that you will find in very few of the smoking kit. A stand-out feature of the assortment is that in case, if any of the firmware is disabled or working in defect manner, then you can upgrade and repair it genuinely. The only twist in this assortment is that you can go for the kit, only if you are interested in the larger atomizer. The whole assortment is durable and sturdily built with a shiny finish. The three-piece design along with the shiny finish is one of a kind. You can gift it to your loved ones if you want them to switch to the alternative and lesser-harmful way of smoking.

7. MLV E-Cigarette Phix:

The seasoned vapers can look for the MLV branded vapes. Ideally designed for the ultra-pleasuring experience, MLV is perfect for simulating that will help you to go for every shades of puffing sensation. Coming within the budgeted segment, this one is hugely popular among the teenagers. With every puff, you will get to experience the best blow of your life.  An exclusive feature of the assortment is that it has ceramic rolls. It puts forward the crisp and clean flavor that will stay in your mouth, long after the puff. The shape is really small and ergonomic compared to the other kits in the market.

The refill is of 1.5 ml which come pre-filled with a delicious flavor. After the liquid ends, you can refill them with any of the strong flavors available in the market. Like all the compact vapor kit, this one is too chargeable with battery indicator at the back.

8. Halo Triton vII:

best e cig starter kitYet another favorite for the experienced and the novice alike, the Halo Triton is the ultimate stress buster for every American. The assortment is the powerhouse of every specification that you have always wished for a proper vaping experience. Come with the filler pipe; the flavor gives the yummy plume affect with each puff.  The super affordability is yet another reason of its immense popularity. The vapor comes up with the 3 heads of the coil as well as charger and wall adapter for quick and easy charging. Another feature of the vape is that you can also adjust the airflow according to your ease of smoking.

So whatever may be your style, whether direct lung style or MTV style, the right assortment is the right answer to all the confusions regarding the smoking style. The house of Halo is also renowned for the best liquid flavors. So after the filling gets completed, you can definitely try out their varieties of flavors.

9. Joyetech Penguin Atopack:

The starter kit is the perfect answer to all the wishes regarding a portable kit with prolonged refill. This compact kit comes up with surprisingly longer pipe of 8.8 ml of juice. That is the main USP of the kit. The kit is one of a kind for durability and smart handling of loads of flavor puffing. The design is also ergonomic and sleek. If you are looking for something that you can carry easily but offers you more liquid, then this one is the best one for you. The wicking is of ceramic that helps you to go for the 0.6 and 0.25 Ohm choices. For someone who is fan of the airflow, this apt for the it’s restrictive hit of in the mouth with each smoke. The pod is portable and convenient that will help you to go for the various kinds of flavors.

10. Innokin T20 Endura Starter Kit:

Though last in the list but that is only because there are so many options to choose from and it was tough to keep it in the last. The novice and the beginners could start their journey on the smoking with the compact 20 mm diameter smoking device. The coil is made up of organic cotton which gives flexibility to deliver numerous flavor varieties. The compact device can be filled from the top with the 2mL tank that can be filled anytime and with any brand of flavored liquid. The sleek and smooth design is the perfect answer to all the lesser effective models that were previously used. Even for the experienced, the kit is the heavenly way to start their direct lung puff. The battery life is good and can last up to considerable time period.

So here comes the end of the vaping kits. You can choose from of them and kick-start a tastier and alternative way of smoking. You can also recommend your friends and loved ones about the kits and start puffing and spending your leisure time with style.