Best Portable Vaporizer

The Best Portable Vaporizer

Vaporizers have grown in popularity since the last couple of years as an alternative to the dreaded effects of smoking. They look cool, are portable and provide you the nicotine hit without the harmful smoke. However, in the present times, there exists the widest variety of products available in the vaporizer section. Choosing the right one from the rest can be quite a pain with so many options and all claiming to be the best. Besides, certain brands are only available in specific countries which make deciding on one brand even more difficult. Fret not, as to ease your worries, here is a list of some of the best portable vaporizer that you will get in the USA market along with their qualities.

Mig Vapor Dray

Best Portable VaporizerThis is a portable herb vaporizer that comes with a quartz heating system which offers instant heating. It comes with a long battery life which coupled with the instant heating ensures that you have satisfying vaping. The temperature scale is customizable from 385F to 430F with intervals of 1F. The three large buttons give you full control over the temperature. The large OLED display gives you crystal clear readings. The rugged design gives a better grip on the body. The size is compact enough to fit in your hands and pockets. It has a magnetic mouthpiece and runs on 1800mAh powered battery. The product comes with a cleaning brush, cleaning swabs, and tweezers. The only thing is that its chamber is smaller than other models.

Prohibited in the 5th Degree

This is one of the best portable vaporizers with numerous options for temperature settings and variable voltage. It has an extended storage capacity along with a good battery backup. You can just fill up the cartridge with your preferred medium and insert it into the chamber to get a good amount of vapor. The smart technology can automatically detect the medium and heat up to the required degree. So, if you are not sure about the right temperature for your medium, the product will still work fine for you. It is best to go for this one if you use more than one kind of material for vaping.

V2 Pro Series 3x

The V2 Pro Series 3x is known as one of the most sought-after options in best e-cig vaporizer. This one has been brought forward as a rebranding of the Series 3. There has been an improvement in the chipset and build quality since the previous series. You can still use the series 3 accessories and attachments with this one if you have them with you. The loose leaf cartridge lets you bake the dry herbs with ease. The ceramic heating chamber makes the baking easy, and the herbs get a smooth flavor. There is a removable mouthpiece on the ground material cartridge. There are four variants in the ground material cartridge, namely silver, classic, gunmetal and angular.

Mig Vapor Matrix

This can be one of the best portable vaporizers for concentrates, and dry herbs as what you get is a clean flavor. The temperature is adjustable between 300 to 435 degrees Fahrenheit. It is ideal for the long vaping sessions as the ceramic chamber gives a crisp flavor and a good battery life on single charge. Both waxy and dry herbs will work for this one as they are all evenly vaporized. The OLED display might look smaller than other devices, but it is sufficient to get the reading. You get four extra meshes and silicon mouthpieces. The chamber capacity is of 0.8 g which is sufficient for moderate to high usage.


Best Portable VaporizerPax 3 is one among the popular names in the vaporizer world. It looks same as the previous models, but several latest features have been added on to it.  It is twice powerful than the Pax 2 model and heats up instantly within 15 seconds. This is the best vape for the money it lets you connect it to your smartphone and control the settings from the screen. The mouthpiece is flat which makes drawing easy. The elegant and unique design makes it ideal to be carried in your pocket. It works with dabs and dry herbs with a chamber capacity of 0.4g. It has lip sensing technology and comes with 3500mAh battery power.

G Pen Elite

The adjustable temperature settings for this one ranges from 200 F to 428 F. The ceramic chamber is the most impressive part of this product. It can reach a temperature of 357 degrees Fahrenheit in just thirty seconds. There are just two parts of this device: the body and the mouthpiece. This ensures that there is no hassle in cleaning and maintenance of the device. The one-power button and micro-USB charger ensure further convenience. The 2200mAh battery will conveniently last for six to twelve sessions. It comes with battery life indicator and a full LED display. You will get an instant change in vapor and flavor if you keep changing the temperature about ten degrees in either direction.

Firefly 2

The good thing about this advanced version is that it is thirty-three percent smaller and fifty-five percent lighter than the previous Firefly version. The vape takes seconds to heat up, and the temperature can be customized according to your needs. Once you place the finger on the touch sensors, it will take 3 seconds to reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit. There are five temperature settings in this one, 340, 360, 380, 400 & 420 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be connected to your smartphones and operated through apps. The vapor path is made of borosilicate glass and it comes with a magnetic lid. It is best to use concentrates and loose leaves in this one.It has dual capacitive touch sensors and it is made from magnesium alloy.

Storz and Bickel- Mighty Vaporizer

Portability and power are the two main features of this pocket vaporizer. The three-button operation technique gives the facility of easy operation. There is a bright LED screen in it which makes reading the settings easy. The vibration alert provides notification to the user after the desired temperature gets attained. It is slightly bigger in size than the other devices in the range. However, it is still portable enough to be put in your pockets. The dual lithium-ion batteries ensure that the device takes not more than 45 minutes to get completely charged. The vapor that you get through the product has both potency and smoothness. It is really light in weight at just 0.5 pounds.

DaVinci Ascent

If you are someone who wants to use both herbs and vape oils, then DaVinci Ascent will suit you perfectly. The absolute glass pathway and glass-coated ceramic bowl gives longevity to the product. It has a battery life of three hours and comes in a variety of designs. Take your pick from the designs like carbon fiber, burl wood, black skulls, stealth, and more. The chamber capacity is of 0.35g and it has five hours of charging time. The heat up time is of 23 seconds. It weighs around 6.8 oz. which makes it okay to carry around with you. There are two 18650 batteries attached in the device to ensure a long battery life. There is a four piece aluminum CNC grinder in the product.

Goboof’s the Alfa

Best Portable VaporizerThe dry herb pocket makes it compact, reliable, and definitely enjoyable. There are three manual and two automatic temperature controls in the product. The innovative battery technology gives a run time of two hours. The heat up is quick at thirty seconds time period. The vaporizer is present in a number of colors which makes it a top choice of the fashion conscious folks among you. The ergonomic design ensures that it will never slip out of your hands. The chamber capacity of 0.3g might feel a little smaller than other devices but it perfect for using with herbs. Besides, since the heating is quick, the small chamber does not turn out to be too much of a problem.

EPuffer 629X

The brand has launched several versions of vaporizers before but this is the one that has got the most popularity. The zirconia crystal LED cap gives it a really attractive look that is sure to appeal your style senses. The tank is anti-corrosive and does not take too long to heat up. The elegant pipe-like design gives it an old world charm. The 1100mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries ensures a long battery backup. If you want a product that can give you long hours of intense smoking, then this is the one you should go for. The diameter of 19mm makes it a tad bit bigger than other products but the features make up for that.


This is a portable vaporizer that packs in as much appeal with its functionality as with its looks. There are multiple color options that you can take your pick from. The black mouthpiece is pre-installed in the product so you would not need to bear the hassle of fixing the mouthpiece every time you use it. 1.5ohm mouth-to-lung atomizer restricts unwanted vapor flow but provides just enough outlets for a more streamlined airflow. It is best to be used with wet or waxy concentrates and comes with a three ml capacity. The size is so compact that you can just put it in your pocket and go anywhere. The glass window on the side lets you view how much of the liquid is left inside.

Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank by Apollo

Best Portable VaporizerThis is the newest kid on the block but it is already creating the right waves with its reviews. The design has been made for massive vapor production. The potent release of the vapor gives you an awesome vaping experience. The company gives its own specially designed coil heads measuring 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm with the product. There is airflow control system built in at the bottom of the tank. Just a simple twist of the tank will let you control the amount of vape. This one, again, is perfect for liquids and has a capacity of 3.5ml of liquid. The stainless steel and glass design can be taken apart by pieces to give you the convenience of quick cleaning.

Smok Priv One All-In-One Starter Kit

The capacity of 0.9 ml makes it better equipped than most other vaporizers in the same category. The coil system is the biggest plus for this model. The coil is almost exactly like the ones you see in the Triton tank systems. This ensures a high performance vaping experience every time. The width of 9.6 mm makes it small and portable. This one too has the window to let you see how much of a liquid is left in the product.

V2 Cigs Series 7

The cartridge chamber has a magnetic closure and it is suitable to use this one for loose leaf and wax. There are variable temperature and voltage controls available in this one. The magnetic charging port will let you connect to the USB charging cord. There is an LED perimeter right at the bottom of the device which glows in different colors to indicate the battery status of the device. The single body construction ensures there are no leaks or breaks. Each cartridge will get heated to an optimum temperature automatically. There is no need of threading due to the presence of magnetic connectors.

You can take your pick among any of these 15 options which are widely available in all markets of the USA. Just select your device, get it in your pocket, and puff on the go. This gives you all the joys of smoking but none of the dangers that come with it.