top 15 e-cigarette brands

Top 15 E-Cigarette Brands

As per the research, electronic cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not have any cancer-causing agent like tobacco. Although there is nicotine in it, no damage is done by using an e-cigarette. E-cigarette heats up liquid having nicotine in it. The liquid takes the form of vapor and people breathe in that. E-cigs offer nicotine to satiate cravings for tobacco. But, this vapor does not have the cocktail of chemicals as in case of conventional cigarettes. It is a popular stop-smoking tool in the current times. Proper support and medication are still needed to stop cravings for tobacco. Those who have not used cigarettes on the former occasions, for them e-cigarettes are a better option. If you are looking for the names of top 15 e-cigarette brands and products, check this section out. It is safer to use electronic cigarette than smoking tobacco.

V2 Cigs: The Premium Brand Selling Electronic Cigarettes

top 15 e-cigarette brandsThe American Vape brand, V2 Cigs sells e-liquids of a premium kind. The preferred brand of e-cigarette offers authentic flavors of c-cigs and e-liquids that can produce thick vapors. The brand of the e-cigarette is the fastest growing and took birth in the year 2010. Since then, the electronic cigarette brand is the most popular one. This is all because the brand offers innovative and high-end cigarettes at affordable rates. Electronic cigarettes from the brand are classy, sleek and also perform to the optimum level. The brand offers starter kits and e-liquids in several flavors.

The brand has its e-liquids and refillable cartridges. Batteries may be availed in a variety of sizes between 100mm to 140mm. Then, you can choose either an automatic battery or a manual one. The latest in the line of batteries is the 4.2V battery. The 4.2volt battery is strong and very much preferable. The brand of e-cig also offers discount offers and runs frequent sales offers. Products from this brand have a good availability all across the globe and the company is known for superior customer service.

Vaporfi: The Popular E-Cigarette Brand Presently

Previously known as VaporZone, VaporFi is a premium brand offering e-liquids with different flavors and premium e-cigarettes. VaporFi Vapor Group is International Group renowned for top rated brands such as South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke. The group comprehended that there is a need for personal vaporizers that are much advanced in the realm of electronic cigarettes. The ones who wish to take electronic smoking to the next level can use them.

The brand offers e-cig starter kits and also adds an accent to smoking vs. vaping cleanliness. Each customer can get at least some kind of starter kit no matter what the budget is. The brand is popular for a fabulous selection of advanced personal vaporizers. There is also a kit resembling the size or look of an actual cigarette. For high-quality vaping experience, VaporFi gets the most marks. The US made e-liquid is FDA approved and may be priced $15-$18 for just 30ml. The brand offers e-liquids in several flavors that carry varied tastes. Some of them are apple hookah, choco-nut, and toffee tobacco.

The custom blend can also be prepared by using 2-3 flavors at once. There may be several flavors to be tried. So, if you are looking for your throat to get nicotine punch, go for VaporFi. E-liquid has nicotine up to 3.6%. You may also look for fruit and menthol flavors. Both pre-filled and black cartridges are available from the brand. There is no unnecessary garbage after the use of e-liquid and e-cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke: The Top Rated and Popular E-Cigarette Brand

top 15 e-cigarette brandsSouth Beach Smoke is known for high-quality e-cigarette accessories and products. Each vaping device offered by the brand is of high quality, and the best part is that the cartridge never leaks. You won’t find any ‘on’ and ‘off’ switch on e-cigarettes. When you inhale the vapor, the LED light is noticed glowing at the tip of the e-cigarette. When the LED flashes, you can understand that it needs charging. You may opt for a starter kit from a premium brand of e-cigarette. The items that will come along with the kit are USB charger, pre-filled cartridges that are impressive to appeal the users. If you wish to vape for a long time, use AC adaptors that are padded. You may also buy a kit carrying more of pre-filled cartridges.

South Beach Smoke flavors are varied and feature different strength levels. The nicotine content may be from 0mg to 24 mg. Some of the popular flavors are watermelon, orange, peppermint, and menthol. Among the various tobacco varieties, popular ones are Classic, Blue, and Golden.

Bull Smoke for the Best Value for Money

If you want the best value for money for vaping, go for Bull Smoke e-cigarettes. The best brand of e-cigarette offers starter kits at unbeatable rates. Even if you are a budget purchaser, you may avail a starter kit. Certain kits may also be availed just at $25. This price is almost the half of price offered for starter kits by other brands. When it comes to battery features, Bull Smoke offers a wide range of choices. The popular one is Kentucky Battery which is more long-lasting. It lasts for at least 50% more than other brands. The taste and flavors are extremely rich and close to Winston and Camel. The American Ranger of Bull Smoke is a fabulous tobacco flavor. The American Ranger moves closer to Marlboro Red.

This brand also offers disposable electronic cigarettes also known as Buckshot disposables. With each Buckshot disposable, you may have 450 puffs at least. You can say that Bull Smoke is not a ‘Bull’ brand but rather offers best price range. It offers what you need and that too within your budget.

The Great Reputation of Smoke Tip

Smoke Tip has a great reputation in the market when it comes to e-cigarettes. The solid vaping devices offered by the brand does exactly what you want them to do. They produce good vapor volume to give great vaping experience. Smoke Tip e-cigarettes may be availed at affordable price rates. The starter kit is available at $58-$60 while cartridges come at just $2. Look no further if you wish for some inexpensive option in an e-cigarette. The e-cigarette kit combines 2 chargers, 2 batteries, 6 cartridges. The battery can last for 7-8 hours and carries a lifetime warranty. The best part is that the brand offers cartridges in several flavors like apple, coffee, menthol, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. You are sure to get good customer service. Other options in flavors are also available.

The Advanced E-cigarettes from the White Cloud

top 15 e-cigarette brandsThere was a time when White Cloud e-cigarette used to be most expensive in the market. The Cirrus line is advanced e-cigarette available on the market. But, to make the electronic cigarette available to all, the company has dropped its rate. To personalize the vaping experience, you can trust the White Cloud. The brand offers a variety of nicotine levels, battery sizes, and jacket design and cartridge flavors. The battery performance is amazing and even the cartridges offered are long-lasting. The 3X battery is long lasting and can last for 18-20 hours on a single charge. The user can have 600 puffs per battery charge. The leading brand of e-cig makes sure that the heat, the draw, and weight are close to the smoke created by real tobacco.

Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen Kit

This is a popular electronic cigarette available in the market in 2018. The stylish and excellent e-liquid vaping pen has a sleek, stylish refillable tank system. The e-cig is the best performing electronic cigarette. The battery life is exceptionally long. The Clear Fusion Tank produces a good amount of vapor, and even the flavors are good. The tank lasts much longer than ego-sized vapes. Mig Cigs are high-quality products working much better than any other starter kit available in the market. The little package can produce good amount of vapor. The e-cig charges rapidly, and the technology is also awesome. The e-cigarette produces a good amount of vapor, and this holds true no matter what e-liquid or liquid flavor you are using.

Morpheus Vape Mod Kit

If you do not like dealing with wattage setting, your best bet would be choosing Mig Vapor Morpheus E-cigarette. The brand has stunned people with the e-cig Morpheus. You just need to select the coil you want to use. Just by pressing the button, you get to enjoy cool e-juice flavor. The brand offers 100W electronic cigarettes having coils to soak up e-liquid in an easy manner. What you get here is lots of clouds and great flavor. There is no chance of dry hit as such. The vape tank which is 3ml helps in heating the e-liquid or juice quite speedily. The design is good, and the construction is sturdy.

The Popularity of Minion Vape Mod Kit

Are you looking for a good brand of e-cig? Go for Minion Vape Mod Kit. Minion e-cig tastes much better than others. Beginners who want a good vaping experience, they may look forward to it. The device is easy to use where you just need to pour the liquid and get started. The vaporizer moves through the e-liquid quite speedily when you vape heavily. What you get is a smooth cloud without any hassle.

SR 72 Single Vape Pen Kit

top 15 e-cigarette brandsMigVapor is the supplier of premium SR 72 Vape Pen Kit which has exceptional standards. The e-cigarette gives much better experience to the vapers. The BVC Clearomizer is brand new design handpicked by Mig Vapor. Some of the features are optimized coil resistance, much-improved atomizer performance, and so the vapor produced is much smoother.

Mig Cig Standard e-cig Starter Kit

If you are a newbie willing to try out vaping, go for Mig Cig Standard ECig Starter Kit. The one who is looking to quit smoking or quit tobacco can also go for it. The e-cig is available below $50. This standard e-cig starter kit offers the same kind of experience as the real tobacco. So, there is no danger of inhaling nicotine in high levels. Popular flavors are icy menthols, Virginia tobacco, etc.

The Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit

The Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit is backed by 1100 Mah battery and makes use of the latest technology. It performs in a superior fashion with temperature regulation. In fact, the Bug is the newest kind of e-cig available which has a fairly large tank and a magnetic top cap. The cap allows keeping things clean. The item is just fabulous within a limited price range. The flavors are excellent passing through lungs and throat.

The major pros of Stinger E-Cigarette Kit

You may have seen several vape kits and mods, but Stinger E-Cig is considered the perfect choice. To enjoy vaping without any issue as a starter, you may use it. By using this, you will have ultimate control over vaping. Major pros are given below:

  • The tank is large
  • helps to quit smoke easily
  • A great vaping experience
  • The finest nicotine vaporizer

Mig Cig Basic e-cig Starter Kit for the Newbie and Experienced

Are you on tight budget looking for e-cig of the reliable brand? Mig Cig Basic Ecig Starter Kit is the best choice. The flavors offered here are strong, and the taste might even make you hungry. You may use it easily in a discreet manner without offending others. The top quality e-cigarette has great taste and flavor. The brand offers a safe range of e-cig products.

Vaporesso Tarot Nano Mod TC 80W Kit

The Veco e-cigarette comes with a tank capacity of 2ml. The e-cig has top fill feature, and so the refilling is much quicker, easier and comfortable. The temperature may be controlled and can be between 280-600 degrees Fahrenheit. The versatile battery works with TCR, Ti, and Ni200. There are several modes apart from Variable Temperature and Variable Wattage.

Besides the above mentioned top 15 e-cigarette brands and products, there can be several others. Before choosing any e-cig, do consider your budget and the needs. Read the specification of the product before opting any.