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Nicotine Gum is the sort of chewing gum which forms the part of nicotine replacement therapy. It offers nicotine to the body through the absorption of nicotine via the tissues in the mouth. The gum forms the part of smoking cessation programs whereby nicotine is made to enter the bloodstream. Nicotine gums are available over-the-counter in the USA, Europe and elsewhere. The pieces are packed in foil packages and are available in various flavors.

The nicotine content in the nicotine gum is just 2-3 mg nicotine which is 1/3rd or 1/6th nicotine content of a cigarette. The appropriate dosage and content are dependent on the smoking habit of the person. The most popular brands of USA manufacturing nicotine gums are Nicogum, Nicorette, Nicoderm, Nicotex, Zonnic, and Nicotinell. The gum chewed for 15 minutes time to allow the complete absorption of nicotine. As a user, you are required to chew the gum till it gets softer and releases peppery like flavor and taste. After you experience a tingling sensation, the gum may be tucked or parked between the gums or cheeks.

Why Use Nicotine Gums?

Nicotine GumsThere are various dangers of smoking. Smoking can cause cancer, lung diseases, respiratory problems and issues in the reproductive system. Heavy smokers immediately need to do something to quit the habit. Well, giving up smoking is not so easy. To avoid cigarette, you may chew nicotine gums to feel satiated. Nicotine gum has 1/3rd of nicotine content which is found in a cigarette. So, when you are chewing the gum, you are actually satiated and less of nicotine enters your bloodstream. It is true that the gum can help you quit smoking but you need to use it carefully. Do not get addicted to the nicotine gum itself and take advice from the doctor. 74% of the smokers in the USA are trying hard to give up tobacco completely.

Nicotine gums are meant to ease the quitting process. Quitting smoking is extremely challenging and this goal of moving smoke-free is accomplishable with nicotine gums.

1.    Nicorette Nicotine Gum Fresh Mint 2 Mg to Quit Smoking

Do you get cravings for cigarette? If you find it hard to give up smoking, the Nicotine gum by Nicorette is meant for you. The nicotine gum is effective and may be used on a regular basis to prevent cravings. Few pieces of this product can keep away the craving for the whole day. Your body system gets nicotine which acts as temporary aid to quit smoking. By consuming it, you will show less of smoking withdrawal symptoms. Make it the part of your stop smoking plan and see the results. Consume it for 12 weeks time to see how the body adjusts to consuming less nicotine. Slowly and gradually, smoking will become the things of the past. You should start with 5-6 pieces of gum on a daily basis and then reduce the dosage once your body accustoms to using less nicotine. There are 170 gums in it.

2.    Get Rid Of Tobacco Cravings with Nicorette Nicotine Gum Fresh Mint 4 Milligram

The use of this Nicotine gum can stop the cravings for tobacco. The taste of this gum is amazing and you will forget your cravings for cigarettes. It is the Nicorette coated gum featuring dual-coated technology and 7 out of 10 users found it extremely tasty. According to them, this gum tastes wonderful and is better than other over-the-counter gums. The mouth is occupied all throughout the day and thus you do not feel any craving for nicotine. The stop smoking aid is ideal if you wish for a portable NRT or Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Some of the chief ingredients are fruit chill, white ice mint and cinnamon to offer you better taste. You should chew 6 pieces of this gum for at least 6 weeks continuously to get the best results.

After the completion of 6-7 weeks of chewing this gum, you will see that you do not need tobacco or nicotine gum any more. Giving up smoking is not easy but you need to discard this habit if you want to live a healthy life. By chewing this gum, you will feel much better and relaxed.

3.    Habitrol Nicotine Quit Smoking Gum, 2mg

It is easy to quit smoking by chewing Habitrol gums. This comes coated for an intense flavor and is sugar free. Chew Habitrol Gum to give up smoking forever. It will keep your mouth occupied all day long and will also alleviate the unpleasant smoking withdrawal symptoms. It is challenging to quit smoking for many only due to the uncomfortable nicotine withdrawal symptoms. By chewing this gum, you may avoid symptoms like sweating, headaches, anxiety, irritability, depression and mood swings. While chewing Habitrol Nicotine Quit Smoking Gum, small amount of nicotine enters the bloodstream via the mouth tissues. So, your craving for nicotine is satiated. The mint-flavor gum is cost effective and you get 96 pieces in it.

4.    GoodSense Nicotine Polacrilex Gum, 4 mg

Looking for an easy way to quit smoking? Nicotine Polacrilex Gum 2mg can help you to quit smoking. GoodSense Nicotine Polacrilex Gum 2 mg can form the part of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. NRT helps the body to give up smoking and cravings for tobacco. When it comes to smoking, it has mainly two addictive compounds, namely, the mental need for nicotine and the physical need. You have to conquer both of them to quit smoking. This particular nicotine gum helps to conquer both. The gum eases physical and mental addiction for nicotine. To make it work, you need to be determined in your attempts to quit smoking. The one who is under-18 years of age must ask the doctor prior to using it.

5.    Habitrol Nicotine Gum, 4 Mg Mint Coated Gum to Quit Smoking

Using Habitrol Gum makes it easy to quit smoking. It has double coating of mint to make the flavor more intense. Each piece of this nicotine gum contains 4mg nicotine. Habitrol Gum 4mg is perfect for heavy smokers who use more than 20 cigarettes a day. It will alleviate unpleasant tobacco withdrawal symptoms. You will not experience sweating, mood swings, depression and irritability. While you chew the gum, some amount of nicotine gets absorbed by the lining of the mouth and reaches the bloodstream. So, the heavy smoker is able to avoid intense cravings for tobacco.

If you think that giving up smoking is impossible then you are wrong. The chief components of Habitrol Nicotine 4 mg are nicotine, gum base, menthol, mannitol, sorbitol, calcium carbonate, etc. It is available in fruit flavor, eucalyptus oil mint flavor, peppermint flavor and mild fruit flavor. If you are using it, do not consume more than 10 pieces a day.

6.    Nicorette Nicotine Stop Smoking Gum, 2mg, Original

Nicotine GumsLooking to quit smoking totally? It will take some time but you can do it. Nicorette Nicotine Gum 2mg Original is the best stop smoking aid forming the part of nicotine replacement therapy. The user gets complete relief from smoking withdrawal symptoms associated with tobacco cessation. It is the smoking cessation aid which may be used without any doctor’s prescription. The nicotine gum provides relief from nicotine cravings and helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Whenever you get a strong craving for tobacco, use one piece gum from the box. Its ingredients are gum base, glycerin, additional flavors, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and sorbitol.

7.    Nicorette Nicotine Gum Cinnamon Surge 4 Mg 100 Count

Nicorette Nicotine Gum Cinnamon Surge is the perfect non-smoking aid which controls your craving for nicotine. As the gum is cinnamon flavored, you will not feel cravings for tobacco. It alleviates withdrawal symptoms and also tastes great. This sugar-free gum is the finest way to give up smoking. 4Mg dosage is meant for those who smoke 20-25 cigarettes daily. So, just kick off your cravings for smoking. The stop smoking aid is even approved by FDA. It covers you for trigger moments completely.

8.    Basic Care Nicotine Gum 4 Mg, the Perfect Stop Smoking Aid

Looking to avoid tobacco and wean your body off cigarettes? Basic Care Nicotine 4MG gum can help in the journey of going smoke free. Not only it reduces the cravings for tobacco but also it regulates the cravings. So, after a while, you will not feel any need for cigarettes. When you are using this gum, it is important to avoid certain foods and drinks like wine, juice and caffeine. The day you think of giving up smoking, start using this revolutionary sugar free gum. The moment you get the peppery taste in the mouth, stop chewing it. You can use 3-7 gums depending on your smoking habits. After using nicotine gum for a considerable period of time, the level of carbon monoxide drops in the blood.

9.    Kirkland Signature Quit Smoking Gum 2 mg

Kirkland Signature Quit Smoking gum carries 190 nicotine gums that are safer to use than chewing tobacco. Use it regularly to avoid the craving for tobacco. Make it the part of your regular quit smoking plan and see how easy it is to give up the habit. It is better to adopt an individualized smoking cessation program to get the best results. When you are using this gum, do not use any smoking cessation medicines. Its chief ingredients are Nicotine Polacrilex, Acesulfame Potassium, Gum Base, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, sorbitol, etc.

10.    Nicotine Gum with Fruit Chill to Get Rid Of Psychological Habit of Smoking

Having intense nicotine cravings? It may be psychological. Nicotine Gum with Fruit Chill can help in breaking the psychological habit of smoking. This nicotine gum is the sort of medicine which can help in quitting tobacco. It may help avoid withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings for tobacco. The gum must be used as per the instruction given on the label. This will give you best results.

11.    Walgreen Nicotine Gum 2 mg

Walgreen Nicotine Gum 2mg comes in fruit flavor and is the best stop smoking aid for heavy smokers. The ones who smoke within half an hour of waking up in the morning can use one Nicotine gum. Each piece of this nicotine gum constitutes sodium 11mg and calcium 100mg. The cost of this gum is very affordable and there is no chance of getting this gum addiction. One can use it for a prolonged period of time to ease smoking withdrawal symptoms. The form of nicotine replacement therapy gives you relief from nicotine cravings without any need for prescription.

12.    Nicorette Burst Spearmint Gum, 2 mg

Nicotine GumsThis is one of the best rated nicotine gums where the customers have only positive things to say about it. This is mild, minty and not very strong like other gums. On chewing it, you will not get a chemical-like taste in it. Again, the use of dual-coated technology makes it fresh and tasty. If you have intense cravings for tobacco, the nicotine gum is best meant for you. One can use two gums at a time if there is intense craving for tobacco.

13.    Nicorette Original Nicotine Stop Smoking OTC chewing gum 4 mg

Do you need help to quit smoking? This is one such nicotine gum which prevents cravings for tobacco. The gum offers temporary relief from intense cravings and also reduces withdrawal symptoms. It is the portable way of using nicotine for reducing withdrawal symptoms. To kick off smoking habits, use this gum regularly. The gum may be availed in both 2 mg and 4mg dosage. Within 30 minutes of waking up, you should chew this gum.

14.    White Ice Mint Nicorette Nicotine Stop smoking gum

The revolutionary chewing gum is formulated to help you kick off the smoking habit before it is too late. Featuring dual coated technology, this is the nicotine gum which offers such good taste while you also experience less intense cravings for tobacco. You do not feel the need for tobacco anymore. The best part of using it is that the gum has no carcinogen or cancer-causing agent. It has 160 pieces in it. The cost is reasonable when compared to other products.

15.    Nicorette Gum 2 Mg Kit Original 110

The ones looking to quit smoking have sessions of intense craving for tobacco. Nicorette Gum 2mg helps to quit smoking while reduces withdrawal symptoms. When you chew the gum, nicotine in small amounts enters your bloodstream to give you relief from cravings for a cigarette. In total you have here 110 pieces and the price is very reasonable.

As there are various diseases caused by smoking, you need to quit smoking by using any of the products mentioned above. The use of nicotine gum is prevalent among people of all ages and those who are addicted to cigarettes.