As per recent research, around 3 million adults in the US are using electronic cigarettes. Quite interestingly, approximately half million are former smokers who have been able to kick the habit of smoking regular cigarettes in favor of e-cigarettes. Also, known as e-cigarettes or vaporizer cigarettes, they are used as a measure to curb or cut down on smoking. It is important to note that electronic cigarettes have been taken up by millions around the globe since they debuted in China in the year 2004.

Vaping or the habit of using an e-cigarette is now known as the most popular form of tobacco use among the youth population in the United States. In this context, it is also vital to note that a majority of electronic cigarettes are reusable and come with refillable cartridges. Electronic Cigarette was invented by Hon Lik who worked as the pharmacist in Golden Dragon Holdings. In the present scenario, there are over 500 different brands of electronic cigarettes operating in the market.

Some essential information on electronic cigarettes

E-CigarettesElectronic vaporizers or electronic cigarettes are also known as heated tobacco products. These devices usually deliver nicotine vapor instead of tobacco smoke. One of the critical health benefits of using those lies in the fact that nicotine is vaporized rather than being a product of burning in these types of cigarettes. Here is the list of some essential information on electronic cigarettes that one should know.

  • Electronic cigarettes variously resemble cigarettes but without burning tobacco
  • They are quite popular among millennial to reduce or quit smoking. A plethora of individuals have found them helpful
  • A majority of electronic vaporizers comprises a heating element and electronic circuits
  • It also consists of a cartridge and a mouthpiece which gives the sensation that the user is smoking a standard cigarette

What are the advantages associated with using electronic cigarettes?

Many medical practitioners are of the opinion that electronic cigarettes can bypass a lot of health risks related to the standard form of tobacco smoking. It also offers an alternative to smoking of cigarettes and other types of consuming nicotine. A lot of studies have been conducted in the recent years, and they have all highlighted that electronic cigarettes play a crucial role in making an individual quit smoking. It is also an ideal way with the help of which chain smokers can cut down on smoking. The e-liquids that are used in these types of cigarettes come in an array of flavors. The best e-cigarettes also come with free samples of e-juices which act as a promotional activity for the brand. Vaping is also an activity which is less hazardous than smoking usual nicotine products.

How do electronic vaporizer functions?

A majority of electronic cigarettes comprises of three main essential parts. They are in the form of a battery, a cartridge tank that holds the e-liquid and also a heating element. The battery which is included with the e-cigarette is usually a lithium-ion battery. Inexpensive electronic cigarettes, the battery which is included is rechargeable. However, in recent years with their increasing popularity, the manufacturers are using rechargeable batteries inside electronic cigarettes. In this context, it is important to note that the heating element which is present inside the e-cigarettes is also known as an atomizer. It is placed directly in a drip tube or a tank. E-liquid gets transferred to the atomizer, and when heat is supplied, it produces vapors.

There are mainly two varieties of e-cigarettes. They are in the form of manual e-cigarette and automatic e-cigarette. In the case of an automatic e-cigarette, the heater or the atomizer gets activated when the user draws air. On the other hand, in the case of a standard electronic cigarette, the user has to push a button to avail smoking like experience.

The practicality of using electronic cigarettes

These types of cigarettes are an excellent alternative when it comes to rendering one with smoking like experience. The act of using an electronic cigarette is also known as vaping. On the other side, it is a widely accepted fact that ordinary nicotine products inflict havoc in the lives of human beings by causing frequent illnesses. According to recent research, when an adult smoker switches from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, they can avoid nearly 7000 carcinogenic substances. Moreover, the constituents of e-liquids do not contain any carcinogenic substances. This ensures that the user is entirely safe at the time of vaping. Electronic cigarettes also resemble many physical sensations of smoking and give the user a real-life experience of using conventional cigarettes. They are also an ideal way to cut down on the habit of using traditional tobacco products.

Frequently Asked Questions related to electronic cigarettes

E-CigarettesThey are also regarded as the latest heated tobacco products for rendering the users with e-cigarettes vaping experience. Instead of using tobacco smoke, they provide the users with nicotine vapors. In recent years, with the emergence of e-cigarettes online, they are also known as an alternative way of smoking. Nicotine is vaporized in case of these types of smoking devices rather than being a product of burning. Here is the list of FAQs related to electronic cigarettes.


1. What are the current regulations of electronic cigarettes?

It is interesting to note that electronic cigarettes are not covered by general legislation which makes them a prohibited product in public areas. Moreover, it is legal to use an electronic cigarette in an open space because there is no burning and tobacco smoke is present. Hence, the nearby people do not tend to inhale the emitted smoke. Moreover, as these types of cigarettes emit odorless vapor, one can readily use them in critical public areas. However, it is also an important fact to consider that their use is in question in aircraft, trains, and hospitals. On the other hand, these types of vaping devices are widely available in the US and UK with all leading pharmacies and retail stores.

Electronic cigarettes cannot be sold legally to teenagers less than 18 years of age. There is specific legislation which states that electronic vaporizers above a certain nicotine level have to feature health warning levels. Below the threshold nicotine levels, they can be sold without warnings. The usual safe limit for the nicotine is 20mg/ml. If the e-juice has nicotine contents below this mark, then they can be sold without health warnings. However, if they contain above this mentioned level, then they have to be packed with health warnings.

2. Are electronic cigarettes safe to use?

It is interesting to note that recent researcher has indicated that vaping these types of non-conventional cigarettes are safe. However, another fraction of medical community argues that they are not entirely risk-free despite the fact that there are low levels of nicotine present in them. Moreover, the liquid and the vapor comprise a little number of harmful chemicals which can be detrimental to the health of human beings. Independent research also indicates that vaping is 95% safer than usual smoking. Notably, in the year 2014, the World Health Organization called for the ban of electronic cigarettes in indoor conditions. This is so because the vapors provided by them can harm the other inhabitants. However, if you use them outside with proper ventilation, there are no underlying risks associated with them.

3. What is the role of electronic vaporizers in helping smokers quit their habit?

Recent research has highlighted that electronic cigarettes can help an individual quit smoking. It is so because it gives a sensation like real smoking, but the smoker does not inhale the carcinogenic substances. Moreover, with the help of electronic cigarettes, nearly 50,000 smokers quit the deadly habit in various developed countries of the world. Interestingly, the main reason put forward by ex-smokers in using electronic cigarettes is to help them stop smoking. On the other hand, current smokers stated that they use electronic cigarettes to reduce the amount of nicotine they have inhaled.

4. What is the role of electronic vaporizers in addicting youngsters?

E-CigarettesA recent report has highlighted that despite the presence of nicotine levels; the electronic cigarettes are not spreading addiction among the young population. Many youngsters take up vaping as they think it acts as a fashion statement. However, if they are used judiciously, the risk factors related to addiction can be controlled holistically.

5. What are heated tobacco products?

In 2017, a new variety of nicotine delivery system came to the fore. This was in the form of heated tobacco products. As the name suggests, heated tobacco products emit vapors rather than smoke. It is so because, in case of electronic cigarettes, the liquid or the juice is heated to produce vapors. Hence, the user and the nearby people do not stand at a risk of inhaling dangerous carcinogens. However, they do comprise of harmful constituents of tobacco, and when heated they emit vapors. But these products hog the positive limelight because they contain a low number of carcinogens. Hence, electronic cigarettes coupled with products can be the new sensation among smokers.

6. Are the constituents of the e-liquid listed on the packaging of the container?

The primary health bodies around the world have made it mandatory to list all the ingredients properly on the label of the packaging. Moreover, they are also listed on the labels as a part of risk assessment. As they contain low levels of nicotine, it is mandatory for them to list all the constituents on the container of the liquid. Moreover, from another perspective, the electronic cigarettes have the right to know about the ingredients of the juice they are vaping. Hence, you would always see the parts of the e-liquid listed on the package.

7. What are the usual constituents of the liquid of electronic cigarettes?

E-CigarettesDue to the existence of a vast product spectrum, there are no specific lists available in the case of e-juices. The basic mixture in which the nicotine is dissolved is known as glycol. These solutions are also widely used in e-liquids for the process of fumigations. Hence, they are also popularly known as disinfecting agents. Moreover, the liquids of electronic cigarettes can comprise of various artificial agents that increase their practicality among the users. Agents like menthol, malic acid, and vanilla extracts are common ingredients of an e-juice apart from nicotine. In a recent study conducted by American researchers, traces of tadalafil were also detected. Tadalafil is an active ingredient in medicines used to treat erectile dysfunction.

8. What is the ideal period for using an electronic cigarette?

It is a widely accepted fact that there is no ideal time duration regarding the usage of an electronic cigarette. However, one should not use it for an elongated period as it may cause harm to the device. A lot of brands are there which usually advice users to use them for a maximum period of 2 hours a day. However, their usage is also dependent on a great on their internal circuits and battery power.

9. Are there any problems associated with the secondary vapors produced by the heating of e-liquids?

It is fascinating to note that electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke and they usually tend to provide vapors. The users of electronic cigarettes typically exhale a smoke-like vapor which contains mostly of glycerol and glycerin. On the other hand, the amount of nicotine present in an electronic cigarette is around one-tenth when compared to regular cigarettes. Hence, the exposure to the secondary vapors would not pose a significant risk to the nearby individuals.

From the facts as mentioned above, it is quite clear that electronic cigarettes are quietly becoming one of the popular choices to quit the habit of smoking. Moreover, with their broad-scale availability in retail, online and pharmacy stores, they are actively helping the smokers to stop the dangerous habit of smoking. They are also in a plethora of flavors which exudes practicality to the users.